Ask a Millennial! Apparently, we are killing cable TV now…

Welcome to my blog post series, ‘Ask a Millennial!’ In this blog post series, I ,as a millennial, will tell my side of the story of things we seem to be “killing” or whatever an article says about millennials in general. Let’s get started!

Hello, everybody! Today in this week’s blog post series of ‘Ask a Millennial!’, we are going to be talking about this article on Business Insider! In this article, it talks about many age groups and their television/screen viewing habits. Surprisingly, our screen habits are less than Generation X’s. However, when it comes to traditional cable, Baby Boomers seem to be watching the most when it comes to cable television followed by Generation X. As for us millennials, we aren’t watching much cable TV.

So, are we millennials killing the cable TV industry now? Well, to make things short, probably. As a millennial, besides watching only two shows on Comedy Central which I could just watch easily online besides on the TV, I really hate television to be honest with you. Kid-me and Teenage-me loved television because the internet didn’t offer any other entertainment subscriptions besides YouTube like it does today, but as I grew up, my tastes in shows changed. I guess you could say I outgrew television’s programs directed toward me. The only television shows I consume now are anime on a Crunchyroll subscription; which is only $6.95 a month. I know the usual millennial goes for Netflix, but as for being a millennial that doesn’t exactly fit into society’s box as a ‘regular joe’, I just don’t watch Netflix. In all honesty, it feels to me that nothing is targeted toward my viewing demographic. And since I mainly watch subbed anime (anime in Japanese with English subtitles) and Netflix doesn’t offer that, you bet I’m not going to cough up around 10 bucks a month for something not directed toward my viewing demographic.

To explain more about what I’m talking about when I refer to my demographic, I’m the type of person who prefers fictional cartoon shows or movies directed to my age group instead of shows that are fictional that use real actors in them. I just find the shows that use real actors in them to be… well, boring. And honestly, there are some subjects and elements in these shows that I just want to escape from when viewing entertainment for an hour or so. And NO, I have no interest in watching crude cartoon shows like South Park or Family Guy. I have no interest in that crap. However, I did like Family Guy seasons 1-4 since the episodes were not as crude as they are now.

To bring the point home, I just don’t watch regular TV. I simply have no interest in it. That’s all. I will leave you with a Neil Gaiman quote about how I feel about anime when I watch it:

“Fiction can show you a different world. It can take you somewhere you’ve never been. Once you’ve visited other worlds, like those who ate the fairy fruit, you can never be entirely content with the world that you grew up in. Discontent is a good thing: discontented people can modify and improve their worlds, leave them better, leave them different.” – Neil Gaiman

Whenever I write… whenever I watch anime or read manga… I am always reminded of this powerful quote. And ever time, you betcha I’m discontent every day! But we always must remember that even one person can change the world. And you could be that person someday! πŸ™‚

Anyway, back on topic. So besides cable, what are millennials doing to consume TV shows these days? Well, I think I answered this question a few paragraphs back. Since paying for a cable bill is like paying out the nose for an unnecessary luxury in the world of digital streaming, we are simply cutting the cord. We’re running to our Rokus and subscribing to the apps that have streaming content on them. Like Netflix. And we are not alone. According to the BI article, A LOT of people are cutting the cord who are not just millennials, I betcha’. If we want cable TV with commercials, we’re running to Sling TV and DIRECTV NOW. They’re only like, what, 30 bucks a month? Or if we dislike commercials, Netflix and Hulu are great alternatives to cable television. They don’t offer every show you get on cable (basically mostly reality shows), but if you like to consume entertainment without commercials in it like I do, they’re great entertainment platforms! πŸ™‚

This millennial has offered her two cents and has spoken! The bottom line, not just millennials, but most of us are cutting the cord for cheaper and better viewing options. And to honest, they are just as good, if not better. πŸ™‚ And the best part is, most of our other viewing option have NO COMMERCIALS! Cable TV can’t beat that. πŸ˜‰

Join me next time in my ‘Ask a Millennial!’ blog series for our next hot topic!

Do you still have cable TV? Did you ‘cut the cord’ yet?


What did I do/buy this weekend? (September 24, 2017)

Hello, everybody! This weekend was boring, but I did relax a lot! Like I always do. πŸ˜› See what I did and see what I bought this weekend!

On Saturday, LOCMom went out shopping while I stayed home and just hung out. Boooooring. But since I didn’t want to go and look at antiques with LOCMom, I decided to just suck it up and stay home. Didn’t really spend any money on Saturday, so I just hung out most of the time. However, I did play some Pokemon Moon I just started playing again and it has been super fun! I’m at the island challenge with IIma (I think that is how you spell his name…). So far, so good! πŸ™‚

Money Spent on Saturday

Total Amount Spent: $0.00

Well, on Sunday, I was running out of food, so I had to go to Winco, or the Frugalpants grocery store, and buy some more food. Trying to keep costs down is always the goal, but man, was some stuff pricey at the Frugalpants grocery store. 😦 Healthy food is expensive, I guess. 😦

But after the Frugalpants grocery store, I fed the local pigeons that hang out by the store with some bird seed I buy at the Frugalpants grocery store. πŸ™‚ They’re always hungry when I feed them, so it’s good that they get birdseed to eat on occasion so they are not always starving. I do feel sorry for them. 😦 Didn’t get any pictures of them though… Didn’t even think about it. Maybe next time. πŸ™‚

Also, before the Frugalpants grocery store, LOCMom and I stopped at See’s Candy and got our free sample! I bought some chocolate as well, but not too much since I had a yummy freezer meal for breakfast! However, when I got home, I found my apricot bon-bon smashed in my purse. 😦 Ate it anyway, but it was awful what happened to my poor piece of candy. 😦

Money Spent on Sunday:

See’s Candy – $1.59 (for 2 pieces of candy)

Groceries – $25.67 (for 10 items)

Total Amount Spent: $27.26

If enough readers demand it, I will include what I bought at the Frugalpants grocery store next time. Didn’t want to beat anyone over the head with a really long grocery list. πŸ˜› The reason why the bill is so high for 10 items at the Frugalpants grocery store is that I bought some fresh fruit, vegetables, milk, and some high quality chocolate chips I snack on throughout the day. They’re also good for cooking. πŸ˜‰ Basically, the basics since the basics I usually get tend to run higher than the average basics since they are higher quality and fresh food is just expensive in general. 😦 But I REFUSE to buy processed crap which is why I pay out the nose for the other stuff. Heck, it’s not even organic for the other stuff either. It’s just fresh food.

I also have to be careful with the See’s Candy thing. Sometimes I go so much during a month that I end buying a whole small box “in increments” throughout the month. Sheesh… 😦 That’s why it’s always good to record your spending to see where your money went each month. You’d be surprised to see the results of one’s spending when you record it. πŸ™‚

Well, that’s it for this weekend! It could have been better, but sometimes things are a bit boring in my life without a vehicle. *sigh* Oh well. This too shall pass. πŸ™‚

Also, sorry for the lack of pictures! Boring weekends for me = Barely any pictures or none. Just the way things go. 😦

How was your weekend?

An Ode to Toys R Us

So this week on Monday night, Toys R Us filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. 😦 After the holiday season this year, Toy R Us will start closing some of its stores. Probably surpassed by Amazon and Wal-Mart, it was only a matter of time until Toys R Us went under.

Toys R Us going bankrupt is sort of sad thing for my millennial heart. When I was younger, if I ever wanted to buy a toy with my birthday or Christmas money, it would be at Toys R Us. I would basically gather my money gifted to me on a special occasion eagerly and buy the latest Gameboy that came out that year. As a child, I loved Gameboys and unlike what Generation Z plays today on their smartphones (okay, everybody else too), Gameboys were the ‘it’ electronic gaming device of its day. The little 8-bit games were very saavy and pretty for their time and I particularly enjoyed playing Pokemon games on my new Gameboys. I know now that the Gameboys were probably a waste of my money now that I think about it, but as a kid, I found them to be a good purchase because they would entertain me on hours upon end. πŸ™‚

Then when they added their stuffed animal area in at our local Toys R Us, I just had to go to that area and stare at all of the pretty new looking stuffed animals. Maybe even hug a few. I remember always wanting a pink or purple unicorn stuffed animal (can’t remember the color) and it was around $70.00. Looking back now, sheesh… I also remember looking at all of the Crayola crayon boxes and wanting the ‘ultimate’ set of crayons with every color in it and let’s not forget the crayon sharpener that comes in the box! Thinking back to it, kid me probably wouldn’t have used this shiny new ‘status item’ and like my other Crayola crayons, they would probably go unused.

I also remember LOCMom bought me a plastic 3-wheeler and a new bike there when I was a child. It was always a wonderful experience. Riding around the store and testing out bikes… Good times. And also begging LOCMom for Pokemon Card packs, haha. Remember when those things were a big fad? We millennials always snuck them into school and traded them. πŸ˜›

So here’s to you, Toy R Us! For all of the great memories you brought us millennials and our first “big purchases”, I raise a glass to you! πŸ˜€

But alas, we millennials are not children anymore. Even though we hold those dear memories in our hearts, times have changed. We have grown and lived through the Great Recession and living through that changed us. Plus, the economy for a lot of us does not show signs that it is recovering for the little guy which includes us millennials. Because of this, we don’t have a lot of money to spend on toys for our children if we have any and if your toys aren’t discounted in your stores (looking at you, Toys R Us), we’ll go somewhere else that they are. Like Amazon or Wal-Mart.

Rest in Peace, Toys R Us. You lived a fine life.