Checking my Privilege


Well, this is my first personal finance post since my introduction post, so this blog is OFFICIALLY rolling!

Now, in my introduction post, I talked about how I live on SSI and how I always try to be frugal each day. Well, I must admit that I am very blessed to be in my current living situation right now.

The reason why I can embrace a frugal lifestyle is because I do not live alone on SSI, but I live with my mother. My mother is very kind to let me stay with her under her roof and I realize that not all people on SSI are as lucky as I am to stay with family. I realize that I am very privileged to be in the position I’m in right now.

That is not to say that every day is a walk in the park. Because of this extreme heat where I am at in California, it is very easy for me to get “summer cabin fever” from staying indoors all day… I have had my fair share amount of depression episodes to confirm this. But in the end, I realize that I am worth it and it’s never the end of the world. It just feels like it is at the time which is pretty hard to deal with when the feeling affects me. It looks like the weather is trying to cool down in the coming days, so I hope that it will stick. When I stay inside all day, it affects my mood and the willingness to do things I usually like to do like writing. So hopefully things will get better.

But anyway, I am happy that I am so blessed to be able to be in the position I am in. I hope whatever the future brings that it will be better than things are now. I am ready for change that is good is what I am trying to say. I hope we will all get that kind of change some day.


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