I’ve become my own payee! Hooray!

Well, my mother and I stopped by the Social Security office this week and because of that visit, I became my own payee! At first, my mom was in charge of distributing my social security money to me, but since I am so financially savvy, my mom wanted me to take control of my finances. This financial savviness of mine didn’t happen overnight though. It took a couple of years of realizations and discovering frugality in order for me to really take control of the little money I have. But because of this, I am fully independent with my finances now! Woo hoo! *insert party hard Dumbledore gif here*

I also got to talk about Social Security about ABLE accounts coming to California on October 1st. If you do not know what an ABLE account is and live in the United States, an ABLE account is like a 429 college plan which is tax free and will let a person that was diagnosed with a disability before the age of 26 to save money in this account up to $100,000 and it won’t affect your Social Security money. I’m REALLY looking forward to this because as a person with a disability who can’t save more than $2000, I could use all of the extra help I can get. Once I open up one of these ABLE accounts, I hope throughout the coming years to use this account as a retirement fund. Or an account that will help me live day by day. When I told the person helping us with Social Security about ABLE accounts, she didn’t know about them! Apparently, they were not alerted of them yet and had no training in them. But she told me she would alert the right people about them so the employees at Social Security could get trained in them. Which is a win in my book! 😀 I still have no idea where to start an ABLE account though, but the lady gave me a phone number and e-mail to contact to get more information on where to start one at, so I will be calling soon.

Then after the long time in Social Security, my mother and I afterward went to feed the local ducks and geese hanging out by the river. Now, these birds are spoiled folks. They get food all of the time. Some days they are hungrier than others. Just depends on how much they are fed each day. So we fed them two small bags of bird seed because bread is bad for them to eat and then went home. I will probably post pictures of the birds in the near future though because I love them so much, haha. 🙂

So yeah, I’m officially in charge of my money now! Woo hoo! Starting next month at least. Can’t wait to see where things will go from here. 🙂

EDIT 9/10/2017: If anybody wishes to know about how to get an ABLE account or what the status of their state’s ABLE account program is in, please visit this link. 🙂

2 thoughts on “I’ve become my own payee! Hooray!

  1. I like your openness and honesty concerning your medical issues. I think your blog is great and you are in a position to help lots of people. I had a bipolar coworker for awhile and I loved her but she couldn’t manage her meds or her life, much less her finances. She’s in her fifties now and last I heard moved back in with her elderly mom. A blog like this could have impacted her life. The fact that you have educated yourself and are willing to share your knowledge is terrific. Good for you for educating the SS staff (and me, I never heard of ABLE accounts but they sound like a great idea!) This is what I love about the internet, I learn tons of stuff I’d never know from bloggers. Again, thanks for sharing.


    1. Thank you for commenting, Bobi. 🙂 I feel sorry for your bipolar co-worker. I hope she is doing well despite a lot of difficulties she is probably facing. People like your co-worker are one of the reasons I created this blog. Even though I have a disability as well, I just wanted to share my knowledge with others who are going through the same thing I am going through.

      If you want to learn more about ABLE accounts, you can go to the website below and view the staus of each state’s programs. I will add this information my original blog post in case anyone needs to know about it. 🙂



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