What did I buy and do this weekend? (September 10, 2017)

So, a lot happened this weekend and my depressive mood wasn’t so terrible! That’s always a plus! As a person who doesn’t have much of a social life, I have to keep my mind active most of the time or devil’s workshop, blah, blah, blah… 😛

On Saturday, LOCMom (Living On Cents Mom) and I went to the Honey Bee Festival in our area. Now, by the name of the festival, you’d think it mostly be about honey bees. Well, it was except for the fact that there was 736736832 booths trying to sell you something and the food booths were overpriced. I mean, one booth wanted a single tamale for $3.50. I told LOCMom I’d rather starve than pay that amount for a tamale or some other event food. Plus it was all the “usual” special event food you can get at events, but it was just overpriced. Before we left, I actually bought a roasted corn cob since I don’t encounter them very often. And it was VERY tasty! I think it had mayonnaise on it and BBQ seasoning of some kind. Very good! There was also a “bee beard” event where a guy was suppose to wear a “beard of bees” on his face, but the event was late in starting, there was nowhere to sit but the ground, and LOCMom and I weren’t about to wait around for long for the event to happen, so we left for the fair food area after this time. After buying the roasted corn cob, we promptly left the event quite disappointed.

In my town in Northern California, if you don’t like shopping or eating at restaurants, there is nothing for young people like myself to do. There are meet ups to do outdoor activities since we live by so much nature, but outdoor activities don’t really interest me all that much. I guess those kinds of activities are for people who have a great social life and lots of dough anyway, so I don’t really care about participating in them. Womp womp.

Then LOCMom and I went in the evening to visit my great aunt and play with her dog, Boogie! Boogie is a large pure bred black poodle who loves fetching his red ball toy. I got to toss it plenty of times to him while we were visiting with my great aunt. 😀 After visiting, we went home to retire for the night. 🙂

Money Spent on Saturday:

  • Honey Bee Festival Parking (split between LOCMom and I) – $1.00 ($2.00 in total to park)
  • Roasted Corn Cob – $3.00

Total Amount Spent: $4.00

On Sunday, I slept in til’ 12:00PM (no commitments = more sleep) and something was happening today that got me pumped! The Asphalt Cowboys were having their annual BBQ today! Everybody… This event is my only chance to score a cheap BBQ meal that is not around 20 bucks. So LOCMom drove us there and I got my meal! There was a choice between and chicken or tri-tip meal and I got my usual chicken meal!

Bask in all of its glory!

BBQ Food

And MAAAAAN, was this tasty! 😀 I ate it all in about 10 minutes, haha. It was soooooo good! Always love me some cheap and delicious BBQ food!

So now, we are all at home relaxing and just passing the day away. Lazy Sundays are when there is not much to read or do on the internet, so I am on it with not much to do. Meh. 😦 Oh well, soon it will be Monday and more news will come up to read soon! 🙂

Money Spent on Sunday:

  • BBQ Meal – $8.00

Total Amount Spent: $8.00

So… A lot of eating out this weekend. $11.00 dollars worth of food it looks like. I will let this slide since the Honey Bee Festival and the BBQ food was a special occasion thing, but I do not usually go out to eat regularly because my money is precious to me. Not a Scrooge or anything, but I have to be my frugal self if I want to make my money last throughout the entire month.

Sorry for the lack of pictures! I’m new to this blogging thing, so I will have more pictures on my next weekend update hopefully! 🙂

So, everybody… How was your weekend? 🙂


4 thoughts on “What did I buy and do this weekend? (September 10, 2017)

  1. LOCMom here. Ms. Living on Cents has not mentioned that in our town it is over 100 degrees every day during the summer! This makes it very difficult to get motivated for outdoor activities, but we get creative!


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