Ask a millennial! Are we REALLY killing these industries? (Part One)

Welcome to my newest blog post series of, ‘Ask a Millennial!’ In this series, I, as a millennial, will talk about things millennials do and what I think about the latest millennial headlines! Today, I am going to talk about the industries we millennials are seemingly “killing”. Read on as I talk about this issue! 😀 

Hello, everybody! A while ago, Business Insider put out this article talking about what industries us millennials seem to hate or are no longer perusing. Let’s discuss this. As a millennial, I looooooove it when people talk about me and try to theorize what I’m doing and what I’m not doing. I’m not talking about those “lazy, entitlement” articles people of other generations write about us. I’m talking about articles that talk about our habits and stuff! I love it, haha. 😀 I’m also a fan of reading about how businesses use certain strategies to get us to buy stuff or to get other people into their stores in general. I just like reading retail articles is all. 🙂

Anyway, back on topic. This article Business Insider put out is rather interesting and a fun read. I highly encourage you to read it first before I discuss it in today’s post. But seeing as the article has a list of things millennials are seemingly “killing”, I will go through each industry one by one and state my opinion about why a millennial such as myself would be interested or not interested in a certain industry! This is ‘part one’ of this list since the list is so long! I will be writing ‘part two’ later on! Let’s get started with the first thing on the list!

Casual Dining Chains

Oh god. These are the places that microwave your food most of the time or fetch it out of bag from their big freezer and warm it up for you to eat. Plus, they want you to pay $12+ for this type of food at their casual dining chain. Yuck. No thanks. I’ll pass. I see why this industry is dying and it is a good thing. Why pay for overpriced microwaved food when you can buy your own frozen food for less at a grocery store and microwave it yourself at home? I’ll pass, thanks.


Hmm… Since I am on medication, I cannot consume alcohol anyway. Millennials such as myself try to stay away from “big beer” companies because I don’t think it tastes very good. We tend to go for craft beer seeing how it is local and the people behind the craft beer care about making a good product to sell instead of giving the beer loving public just any old tasting beer – good or bad. So yeah, I see why we don’t the “big beer” type of beer very much.


Ah, napkins. Why buy them when you can use paper towels instead? I think every generation is cutting back on them and not just millennials. When you buy good paper towels to use as napkins, you don’t really need to buy smaller paper products to use that market themselves as “napkins”. Paper towels have more uses in the kitchen anyway and can also be used as napkins, so I get why napkins are going out of style.


Oh my god. Anyone who goes to places like these has no respect for women at all. Plus, the food is probably, once again, from a big freezer sitting in some bag and heated up for you to eat, so I wouldn’t even go to these places anyway. So happy to see this industry tanking.


Good. I’m happy cereal is taking a dive. This stuff in nothing but starch and sugar anyway. It will give you a little burst of energy starting your day, but you will probably crash in energy levels an hour later at work. Plus, it’s not really healthy or a good diet food if you are trying to lose weight or be healthy in general, so it’s no wonder we don’t eat this stuff unless we don’t feel like cooking or have run out of food in the kitchen. Rest in pieces, cereal industry.


Ah, golf. Since golf these days tends to be marketed to old white guys and they seem to be dying off, it’s no wonder this game is dying. Nothing wrong with old white guys playing golf though! 🙂 But since I am not an old white guy or don’t like how expensive it is to play a game of golf at some club in general, this sport doesn’t really interest me. Let’s not forget membership fees at these clubs. Yeesh. And the equipment for a sport like golf… probably not cheap. And since we millennials don’t have a lot of money anyway for little luxuries like golf, you won’t see us playing it very much anytime soon.


Speaking a of little luxuries, motorcycles falls into that category perfectly. Since motorcycles don’t have the protection four-wheeled vehicles offer and are less safe to drive on public highways, we millennials aren’t exactly itching to get one anytime soon. Motorcycles are just another “toy” that you have to insure and take care of. And if you have one that constantly needs fixing, the tools for that cost money and we will need a place to put them. And since we can’t really afford rent for our own places on one income, we will have to forgo the motorcycle industry for now.


This category hits me quite hard. You see, I would love to have my own place in a great neighborhood (preferably somewhere quiet and no yard work required), but seeing as job security is less and less these days and millennials don’t know what tomorrow will bring, renting is still very important to us. We can’t just be tied down to one place. Plus, the down payment for a home is expensive and like I mentioned earlier, we have no money because college debt and stuff, so millennials are not really acquiring houses. We simply have no money for them. Only the lucky few millennials can actually afford them. And I am not one of those lucky few.


Oh my gosh. THESE LITTLE SUGAR BOMBS. It’s crazy how much sugar flavored yogurt has in it. Because of all of the sugar in yogurt, I avoid them like the plague. Us millennials care about full fat foods now instead of fat being taken out of our food and being replaced with sugar, so we are just sticking to plain Greek yogurt and plain yogurt in general. We put our own berries and whatever else to flavor the yogurt so we can control how much sugar goes into it. So yeah, I’m not surprise why we are staying away from this stuff.

And that concludes Part One of this ‘Ask a Millennial’ series! Join me for Part Two as I discuss the rest of this article’s list later on!

See you next time!

Are you a millennial? If or if not, what is your opinion about all of these industries?  Are you foregoing them as well?



4 thoughts on “Ask a millennial! Are we REALLY killing these industries? (Part One)

  1. Hello! I’m on the border of being a millennial, but the only one of my friends that is married with a kiddo. It’s becoming more en vogue to live in urban lifestyle areas, and I think that has an impact on the housing market. I have many friends that live in apartments and the 1st floor/walking areas are restaurants, nail salons, hair dressers, grocery stores, bars, ect. So it’s almost more inconvenient to buy a house in the suburbs when you can live downtown in a “trendy” lifestyle.


  2. Just for fun, I ran this article past my parents who are Boomers and asked them how many of these 19 things they still prefer, I wanted to see if millennials were alone in killing these things. Turns out my parents only use/like about 7 things, they own a house, use a bank, my mom likes Greek yogurt and my dad likes the NFL and shopping at Lowe’s. Mom says she still uses paper napkins but doesn’t buy as many as she used too. So millennials might not be able to take all the credit maybe tastes are just changing.


    1. Very interesting, Bobbi! Maybe I should run the list by my boomer mom and see what she thinks. As people’s incomes across all generations get ever tighter and tighter, the industries that are currently not doing so well must either adapt or die is what I always say, haha. 🙂


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