An Ode to Toys R Us

So this week on Monday night, Toys R Us filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. 😦 After the holiday season this year, Toy R Us will start closing some of its stores. Probably surpassed by Amazon and Wal-Mart, it was only a matter of time until Toys R Us went under.

Toys R Us going bankrupt is sort of sad thing for my millennial heart. When I was younger, if I ever wanted to buy a toy with my birthday or Christmas money, it would be at Toys R Us. I would basically gather my money gifted to me on a special occasion eagerly and buy the latest Gameboy that came out that year. As a child, I loved Gameboys and unlike what Generation Z plays today on their smartphones (okay, everybody else too), Gameboys were the ‘it’ electronic gaming device of its day. The little 8-bit games were very saavy and pretty for their time and I particularly enjoyed playing Pokemon games on my new Gameboys. I know now that the Gameboys were probably a waste of my money now that I think about it, but as a kid, I found them to be a good purchase because they would entertain me on hours upon end. 🙂

Then when they added their stuffed animal area in at our local Toys R Us, I just had to go to that area and stare at all of the pretty new looking stuffed animals. Maybe even hug a few. I remember always wanting a pink or purple unicorn stuffed animal (can’t remember the color) and it was around $70.00. Looking back now, sheesh… I also remember looking at all of the Crayola crayon boxes and wanting the ‘ultimate’ set of crayons with every color in it and let’s not forget the crayon sharpener that comes in the box! Thinking back to it, kid me probably wouldn’t have used this shiny new ‘status item’ and like my other Crayola crayons, they would probably go unused.

I also remember LOCMom bought me a plastic 3-wheeler and a new bike there when I was a child. It was always a wonderful experience. Riding around the store and testing out bikes… Good times. And also begging LOCMom for Pokemon Card packs, haha. Remember when those things were a big fad? We millennials always snuck them into school and traded them. 😛

So here’s to you, Toy R Us! For all of the great memories you brought us millennials and our first “big purchases”, I raise a glass to you! 😀

But alas, we millennials are not children anymore. Even though we hold those dear memories in our hearts, times have changed. We have grown and lived through the Great Recession and living through that changed us. Plus, the economy for a lot of us does not show signs that it is recovering for the little guy which includes us millennials. Because of this, we don’t have a lot of money to spend on toys for our children if we have any and if your toys aren’t discounted in your stores (looking at you, Toys R Us), we’ll go somewhere else that they are. Like Amazon or Wal-Mart.

Rest in Peace, Toys R Us. You lived a fine life.


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