Probably won’t do much shopping this Black Friday. And I’m not alone…

Ah, Black Friday. I remember Kohl’s opening after Thanksgiving at midnight during one year and LOCMom and I had a fun time shopping at it. I don’t remember doing anything more fun than this on the peak hours of Black Friday one year, but I remember it was very fun. : )

But times have changed. Now that most major department stores want their stores to be open during Thanksgiving, I have no interest in going during that time. I guess no good deals for me, but I don’t really need anything in the first place. And it looks like I am not alone. According to this Business Insider article, a lot of people will not be shopping this Black Friday, or should I say, Black Thursday now. Even Cyber Monday looks like it will be affected as well.

And for this, I am happy. Although I do think the reason why people are not going to be shopping this year all have to do with their shrinking paychecks, but as the article states, if I want a good deal on something, I will just wait until the store will have a sale randomly during year and buy an item discounted. No reason to wait until Black Friday/Black Thursday in order to do that.

Plus, I am one of those naughty consumers that doesn’t go to sales very much anyway. Retailers hate people who are into frugality like me. 😛 And older generations seem to hate me because I am a millennial anyway that these retailers are trying to reach out to. It seems that the stores have forgotten about the Boomers and Generation X. But soon Generation Z (people aged between 5-20 or born after 1995, imo) will soon be marketed to by these stores and they are just beginning to reach out to them. I sometimes wonder what they will buy during the upcoming holidays since the older end of them is in college right now…

But anyway, the only way you’ll get me into a store these days is if I need something, have a coupon, or if the store is Goodwill. I’m one of those types that goes to Goodwill when I am bored and sometimes I come out with something, but recently I have come out with nothing. Boooooooo… And I also hate to see people working on Thanksgiving when they are suppose to be having dinner with their families. Greedy companies going to be awful to their workers, I guess. : ( This is one of the main reasons why I will not be shopping during Thanksgiving anyway and waiting until Friday. People should be home with their families eating turkey and stuffing, not working at a department store. So I am very thankful and will happily support companies that close during Thanksgiving instead of remaining open to rake in the dough.

So all in all, hopefully things will not be as filled with calamity during past Black Friday’s since people wil not be spending as much, but there will always be somebody out there looking for a good deal. : )

Will you be shopping during Black Friday this year?

4 thoughts on “Probably won’t do much shopping this Black Friday. And I’m not alone…

  1. No, I won’t shop on Thanksgiving or Black Friday. I’m not much of a shopper, but I shop when I need something specific. I hate crowds and waiting in long lines, so Black Friday shopping is not my idea of fun! It’s actually very stressful for me. We do grocery shopping and errands late in the day/evening because I work full-time, so I’m used to relatively quiet and uncrowned stores when I go out. Sometimes we go to Costco at noon on the weekend, and it’s total chaos. Not my thing!


    1. Aw, it sounds like you are a very busy person that hates crowds! 🙂 For me, I don’t mind crowds, I just hate waiting in line for FOREVER. I just can’t stand it, so I guess that is what you mean by crowds. 🙂 But I do not mind Black Friday crowds as long as the check out line is fast, haha. 😛


  2. I have a tradition of hitting flea markets and thrift stores on black Friday. Much better deals and fewer crowds. Do you shop other thrifts besides Goodwill? I like Goodwill but find my best deals at stores run by animal shelters, churches or hospitals.


    1. In my town, I look for the thrift stores where all of the rich people donate their stuff and that happens to be our local Goodwill. 🙂 I usually find something in there each time, but not always. 🙂

      And YES for hitting the local thrift stores on Black Friday! Those are my plans for this Black Friday as well! ❤


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