Amazon Go, Amazon’s cashierless grocery store, is almost ready to go and I can’t wait!

Well, this tidbit of news just came out today about Amazon Go, Amazon’s cashierless grocery store that debuted earlier this year, but was for Amazon employees only because the “walk in, walk out” technology was still glitchy. But according to this article on Bloomberg, the long wait may be over! It is being reported that Amazon Go is almost  ready for prime time and we will not have to wait too long until this new cashierless technology is out in the wild. And you know what everyone? I am excited!

No more will I or anyone else have to wait in long lines just to leave a store with an item that I paid for at the checkout counter. I can just walk in and walk out! Assuming Amazon commercializes their technology outside of their stores. That is what I am hoping for. 🙂 Or imagine… Not going to a cashier to checkout all of your groceries and just walking out of the store with them instead while this technology charges your debit card or credit card. Sounds like a dream to me! Or how about convenience stores? Want a soda or a snack? Well, just walk into the store, grab what you want, and walk out! Bam! Card charged! Yup, sounds like a good deal to me. 🙂

Now you are probably thinking, “But Ms. Living On Cents, what about people’s jobs? What will happen to them?” And to be quite honest, I’m just not sure. I know a lot of jobs will be lost if Amazon commercializes this technology. So I am just not sure. Those workers will probably have to find new jobs or go back to school. But I don’t think that will be a perfect solution though. Not everybody will find a replacement job since all of those low skilled jobs will be lost and not everybody can afford school especially if you are a retail or store clerk. I am predicting that the government will have to step in at some point to support all of these people who have lost their jobs to the progress of technology.

One way of supporting people that have lost their jobs to robots is called a Universal Basic Income, which is what I think will eventually happen as the world marches on technology wise. A Universal Basic Income is a money system where every person gets the same amount of money each month just for being a human. No strings attached, just free money to spend on whatever you want. It’s that simple. And everybody who gets that free money each month can have as much of that money and any money they have in general as they want in their bank accounts. It’s not like Social Security Disability at all where you can’t have over $2000.00. I predict as this cashierless technology is instituted and even as self driving cars (which is a whole other subject) hit the roads n the next few years, millions of jobs will be lost and to support American citizens, the United States government will have to eventually step in and do something about it. A Universal Basic Income is one option that the government could implement for every American so we would all not be without money to spend to keep the economy going. And regardless, the government WILL find a way to pay for it if they want the citizens of this country to keep buying stuff they need and don’t need. This is just one option, however.

Anyway, before those dark days come, I’m going to enjoy seeing where this cashierless technology takes the retail experience if it’s ever commercialized outside of Amazon. Things are changing and are about to change into a whole other world that a lot of people are just not ready for, but if people know what is coming, they will be prepared and ready for it because you cannot stop progress.

What do you think about Amazon Go’s cashierless technology? Are you excited for it?

2 thoughts on “Amazon Go, Amazon’s cashierless grocery store, is almost ready to go and I can’t wait!

  1. I guess I need to know more about it but I don’t like the idea of being overcharged for an item or possibly charged for something I didn’t buy. I double check my receipts everywhere I go and I frequently get overcharged. And how are items sold by the pound charged? I read the article you referenced (thanks! it was very interesting!) but I’m truly left with more questions than answers so no, I’m not excited. Maybe when I can see it in action, I’ll like it but for now, I like the control of self checkouts where I can see the prices and the total before I leave the store.


    1. I can understand that a lot of people like yourself might be nervous about this technology. 🙂 Even I have never seen it in action; just read about it in the past and now. And that is a good question! How DO you charge something that is bought by the pound using this system? Maybe the computer will detect how much a bag weighs or something? Not even sure myself! O _O


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