Big Soda is in trouble and so are struggling department stores.

Hello, everybody! Now I must confess that I do not drink soda. I quit the habit years ago and do not regret it! In fact, I think sodas are like cigarettes, so every time you drink one, you are harming your health. Homemade sodas at independent places like restaurants, bars, or Soda Stream soda doesn’t count though since those drinks are made well and by hand. But the mystery liquid concoction that come in soda cans from big soda companies? No way!

So to my surprise after reading this Business insider article about big soda being included in the current Retail Apocalypse, it kind of surprised me. The article says since everyone is starting to buy their groceries online, they are killing “impulse” purchases like grabbing a pack of soda from the store just because it is there. Or like the article said, since people have started to not drink soda anymore, Big Soda’s sales have been hurting. Which I believe is a good thing. Less liquid sugar equals better health for all! 🙂 And that is another thing. Some cities have been wanting to tax soda, but a lot have failed in doing that because of Big Soda’s lobbying over those voting decisions using commercials on TV or paper flyers in voter’s mail boxes saying “how awful” it would be if taxes on their products were made. Thus, not a lot of cities have taxed Big Soda yet.

Also, speaking of the Retail Apocalypse… Ah, if you aren’t aware of what the Retail Apocolypse is, I will give a quick explanation before going on to my next point. The Retail Apocolypse is a phenomenon that is effecting a lot of department stores right now. Because people are not buying things at regular department stores or any old store and are going shopping online on Amazon for a lot of things instead, stores like Macy’s JC Penney, and other well known mall stores are suffering money wise. Some stores even had to file for bankruptcy because sales were so bad for them. Thus, they had to close some stores, if not all of their stores. Because of stores going belly up and closing all over the place, the malls in the United States are suffering and are turning into “Dying Malls” or, “Dead Malls”. If you look up “Dead Malls” on a search engine, you can even see pictures on some websites of them and see how creepy they truly are. : ( So, that is the story behind the famous Retail Apocolypse.

Now onto my next point, it looks like more stores could even be closing up after the holidays according to this CNBC article. Early next year at the earliest! Looks like the department stores are just waiting until after Christmas is over or even for 2018 to begin to close more stores. Since many people, including myself, are hooked on discounts, discount stores like TJMAXX have been booming! Also, Dollar Stores like Dollar Tree and Dollar General have been doing well also as of late! Ah, the two things I love: discount stores and dollar stores. Not a very big fan of Dollar General, but I love me some Dollar Tree. 😉 But thrift stores will alwyas have my heart first. 🙂

As for my take on this news, I don’t know when the last time I stepped foot in a department store wanting to splurge on lots of things. Like, I remember going to JC Penney on Black Thursday and buying some basic long sleeved shirts for $5.00 each with a coupon, but that is it. Which reminds me, I have to go and buy more, haha. 🙂 But as for Macy’s and other big name department stores, I just don’t go into them anymore. However, I do frequent my local TJMAXX! They have the shampoo I like in a bulk size there for cheap and I absolutely love it! 😀 Never get tired of scoring those good deals. 🙂

So in other words, I am a part of the problem for these stores, you could say. 😛 And I don’t care. All these stores want is to dig into your wallet and take your money, but you could say that for any kind of store really. Especially department stores! Sheesh. > .> But what can I say? I love a good discount and if I cannot buy your stuff with the help of a coupon or at a discount, then I will go elsewhere. Simple as that.

Department stores and Big Soda will eventually have to adjust to the changing retail environment that is filled with discounts or just cheaper prices in general. And if they won’t? They will simply die. Will I feel bad if they possibly die? Maybe for some stores, but for Big Soda? Not really. 😛

What do you think about dying department stores and possibly dying Big Soda? Will you be sad to see them go?


2 thoughts on “Big Soda is in trouble and so are struggling department stores.

  1. Soda. Ugh. So disgusting. All that sugar is so bad for you. 🙂

    Yes, the Retail Apocalypse. Back in the late 1980s through the 1990s, shopping at the mall used to be a weekly activity with my mom and sisters. We bought a lot of stuff we didn’t need. What a waste of time and money. Now, thankfully, we know better. I think nowadays people generally have way too many things, and not so much money. Personally, I often shop thrift stores. When I do shop standard retail stores, I generally can’t find the item I am looking for, so I end up ordering from Amazon instead. The malls in my area (Seattle) are doing well, but this is a pretty affluent area thanks to the tech industry (Amazon, Microsoft, etc.).


    1. Glad I’m not alone about the whole soda thing! 🙂

      YEEESSSS… Thrift stores! I find that my dollar goes father in those stores! I mean, mall stores are nice, but way overpriced… I tend to buy stuff on Amazon as well because you don’t have to search multiple stores for the item you are looking for. It’s so convenient. 🙂


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