What did I do/buy this weekend? (January 6-7, 2017)

Hello everybody! I just got done reading a very painful chapter of the manga, ReLIFE, which is ending in March, and my heart is kind of hurting now. :C No spoilers, but the manga is reaching its conclusion. Anyway, come see what I did this weekend!

On Saturday, I remember I didn’t do much, but I did go to Goodwill! I think it is harder for me to find things at Goodwill now since I have just about everything I need, but I always hope to find at least one treasure!

So… I did find one thing! Some felt indented hangers! They pretty much match my Costco felt hangers, but they have indentations in them for camisole bands that go around your shoulders. They work great for one of my dresses as well! 🙂

I also bought an outdoor tablecloth that was originally $49.99, on clearance from a Kohl’s tag for $9.99, which I bought at Goodwill for $3.19. Not bad you would think except I didn’t read the fine print that said the tablecloth was oblong and not circular. : ( Thus, it will not fit our glass table outside. Boooooooo. That is 3 bucks I will never see again… That what I get for not reading the fienprint and just relying on the picture…

And after Goodwill, I went home and relaxed! I managed to work on my story again as well after my whole health issue and it really is great getting back into it! 🙂

Money Spent on Saturday

  • Oblong Outdoor Tablecloth – $3.19
  • Felt Hangers – $3.19

Total Amount Spent: $6.38

On Sunday, I was pretty bored around the house and LOCMom wanted to go out, so I went with her! We went to CVS and the 75% off Xmas stuff was tempting, but I just didn’t want to spend the money on it, so we left without anything. Oh well. *shrug* And a little after that, I went to Goodwill again! Second day in a row, haha. 😛 Will I go a third time? Probably not. 🙂

But anyway, today I bought a broken pair of OXO cooking tongs at Goodwill. Didn’t realize they were broken when I bought them, so they wound up in the trash. What was nice was that they were 50% off, so instead of being 2 bucks, they were only 1 buck! So that is only $1.00 I will never see again instead of $2.00. Got lucky there!

RIP broken OXO cooking tongs…


But then I found a very nice surprise at Goodwill! An unused small plastic cutting board!

cutting board

I thought it was a tad bit pricey for $3.19, but I didn’t check the going rate for small plastic cutting boards on Amazon while I was at Goodwill, so I just assumed it was a good deal. Our Goodwill I think has two people pricing stuff. One person prices stuff low, which is great because Goodwill is a thrift store and not a department store, and one person prices stuff high. Kind of a weird situation… So I looked up the brand on Amazon and saw that these cutting boards are apart of a set that goes for around 10 bucks. So 3, 6, 9… So yeah, I guess I got the board for market price.

But what shocked me when I got home was that the cutting board was a mate to our larger cutting board at home!


When I found out, I was so stoked! 😀 Talk about cool! 🙂

And that is all I pretty much did today. 🙂

Money Spent on Sunday

  • Small Cutting Board – $3.19
  • OXO Kitchen Tongs – $1.19

Total Amount Spent: $4.29

So yeah, not a very exciting weekend. But I did get to eat LOCCousinC’s leftover beef ribs from their prime rib from Christmas! Those were goooooooood. 🙂

But besides going to Goodwill and feeding the birds by the river in my town, there’s not a lot of things to do for a 26 year old millennial such as myself. Which is really unfortunate. All there is to do in my town for young people is shopping, eating, and drinking at bars. I guess I could join a club, but all of the clubs are all around outdoor activities with equipment I can’t afford, so there’s goes that idea. I am hoping when LOCMom and I finally move to our new location that there will be more things for me to do in our new town besides shop. Crossing my fingers! 🙂

I also have wonderful news! It turns out my health problem was nothing more than constipation and I was just constipated this whole! Nothing too serious. 🙂 So hooray! 😀 I’ve been totally relieved since my doctor’s appointment and been feeling great. ❤

How was your weekend?


2 thoughts on “What did I do/buy this weekend? (January 6-7, 2017)

  1. I love how the Goodwill cutting board matches the one you already had at home. And it drives me crazy when people donate damaged/broken items to the thrift store. If it doesn’t work, throw it away, don’t donate it! I have had to trash several thrift store purchases over the years because of this. Annoying!

    As for things to do in your town, do you have a local library? Ours has some interesting lectures and programs. Also, do you know about Meetup (meetup.com)? You can search for Meetup groups in your area that are organized based on various interests or activities. I have gone to a number of Meetup events, and it’s a fun way to get out and meet people. The events are often free, but it depends on the group.


    1. Yup, got pretty lucky wth that cutting board! 😀 I know! People should not donate broken stuff! : (

      Yes, I tried Meetup and like I was saying in my blog post, you have to have expensive outdoor activities equipment for a lot of the clubs around here since my town is surrounded by nature that I don’t really care to get out in. Thrifting is more of my jam, I guess. ;D


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