December 2017 Budget Check-In!

Hey everybody! Time for December’s 2017 Budget review! I think it was kind of pricey since it was during the Christmas season, but I made it work! 😀

Here are the numbers for everything!

Monthly Bills: $500.00

This is a fixed amount of what I have to pay each month for all of the bill-ish expenses such as electricity, water, rent, etc.

Activities: $30.00

I only do one nightly activity to get me out of the house and socialize in some way, so this is it! 🙂 And I must say, it’s usually fun!

Medication: $10.00

I think I met my deductible for my medication for my mental illnesses this month, but had to cough up 10 bucks for hospital medication.

Groceries: $46.30

Yeah, let’s just say I didn’t eat all that well in December because of my health problem. Didn’t feel like cooking any big meals. But now that that is over with, my expenses in this category will probably be going back up in January. 🙂

Misc. Items: $140.89

This category this month was mixed in with household purchases, thrift store purchases, Christmas purchases, and some health purchases. Goodwill purchases seem to be a bulk category price wise coming in at around 30 bucks, but at least mostly everything was needed. > .> I really need to start organizing the Goodwill category by item instead of just combined purchases to see what I bought each month at Goodwill, so I will see if I can start doing that in January this month. 🙂 I think it will help me a lot… :C

Entertainment: $25.46

I always try to keep this category under 30 bucks each month. This category be pricey, ya’ll! It’s easy to go overboard with this category if I am not careful…

Eating Out: $1.61

Yup, that Costco hotdog TOTALLY killed my budget this month, everyone. 😛 Haha, as you can probably tell, I am just kidding. I don’t really like going out to eat because restaurant food is so dang expensive for what you get! : ( Will the food be good? Will it suck? And if it does suck, you still have to pay for the bad food anyway. I’m just used to cooking at home is all. Can’t spend too much money in this category anyway. 🙂

Budgeted Items: $63.18

This category is all of the items I budgeted for at the beginning of the month and is also included in my envelope system. This month was Christmas presents and Costco food. 🙂 It’s usually just Costco food and 5 bucks for Operation Christmas Child (OCC) Gifts from Dollar Tree, but Xmas presents were included in December. 🙂

And I believe that is everything! 🙂

The grand total is…

*drum roll* 

Grand Total: $817.44

Woohoo! Not bad for December, but I’m hoping to make a few changes to January’s budget organization wise! 🙂

How was your December 2017?




2 thoughts on “December 2017 Budget Check-In!

  1. I totally agree about restaurant meals! It is so disappointing and disgusting to go out expecting a good meal and then having a bad experience and you still have to pay for it. I’m really picky about restaurants in general and there are so many things that can ruin the experience besides bad food…poor service, noisy atmosphere, bad table location, dirty conditions, uncontrolled kids just to name a few. Eating at home is cheaper and usually more enjoyable. 😉


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