Why minimalism helps me a bunch!

Hey everybody!

So next to being frugal, I am also a minimalist! I did mention this in the past in an old blog post, but I’m not sure if everyone who has read my blog up to this point knows this about me! So it’s time I come out of the minimalist closet and tell the world… YES, I am a minimalist! 😀

Being a minimalist in a world of consumption is not always easy though. Without the internet, it is rather hard to locate minimalists like myself in the world around me since it is so uncommon.

So here are a few reasons why minimalism helps me in my life so much!

Everything is Organized, AKA ‘A place for everything and everything in its place!’

This has gotta’ be one of the best reasons for an organizer at heart such as myself loves minimalism. Everything being organized! A place for everything and everything in its place! Yup, the best part about this is rarely will you ever lose anything. Since each item you own has its own spot it goes in, you will always know where things are located! And when you do lose something, it is probably only a sock. 😛

Having Only Quality Items

This right here makes minimalism so worth it. Instead of having 5 junky items that serve a similar purpose, you could have one or 5 better quality items that serve the same purpose as well that you will probably never have to throw out. Eventually you will have to throw some items away if they break since everything is made so cheaply these days, but it is quality that matters in the end. Quality items tend to last, so that is why they are always so important to buy in the long run. Plus, by buying quality items, you will be able to keep them out of the landfill longer if at all. 🙂

Makes Frugality Easier

And since you are not buying so much stuff, being frugal becomes a lot easier! Well unless you are like me who sometimes goes to thrift stores for fun to find treasures, that kind of hinders me sometimes when I buy something and realize it wasn’t worth it. :;( But in general, minimalism does make frugality a little easier since you are not buying stuff all of the time that you don’t really need! 🙂

Possessions Easier to Maintain/Cleaning is pretty easy

If you are sick of how hard dusting is or having to store stuff correctly so things won’t break oor fall over, than minimalism may be for you! Since things aren’y always stacking up anywhere in your home, you will have an easier time storing things and cleaning things around your home. I have to be honest, I’m kind of a slob, but when I noticed something getting dirty, I usually take action right away! 🙂

But basically minimalism helps keep things cleaner by making stuff easier to clean around and being able to keep things clean! Well, most of the time… 🙂

No clutter around the house!

And if you are a minimalist already or don’t have a lot of stuff in general, you may have already noticed this. But when you don’t have a lot of extra stuff you don’t need laying around the house, things seem to be more shiny and cleanly! Meaning, everything looks pretty sparse, but in the good way! Heck, your house may even echo if you are an extreme minimalist or have so few things that natural echoing does happen. 😉

Plus, since there is no clutter, things in the house may feel more calmer and relaxing. This is natural folks! An uncluttered mind is a non-distracted mind indeed! 🙂


I may be a minimalist, but I am not perfect. I do tend to let laundry pile up and sometimes my floor gets a little messy, but eventually everything gets cleaned! You can never beat a clean living area! And minimalism helps to achieve this goal a lot easier than just stuffing things away in a closet hoping it doesn’t fall on top of you when you open it. 😛

What do you think of minimalism or having everything clean in general? Do you like it?

What did I do/buy this weekend? (March 24-25, 2018)

Hey, everybody! Was pretty busy on Sunday, so the Weekend Update couldn’t get posted in time… However, I had a really awesome weekend though! Come and see what I did! 😀

On Saturday, I had one enchilada and a half as a cheat meal and maaaaaan, was it ever tasty! Love those things! 😀 LOCMom also wanted to get out of the house, so we went and fed the birds! Not too many birds there that day, but we did see some ducks having sex with female ducks. It’s spring ya’ll and it’s mating season. Of course, male ducks are kind of rapey when it comes to mating with female ducks, but there is really nothing you can do about it when you see these wild animals doing wild animal stuff. When reading about how male ducks have sex with the female ducks and how they do it, I’m not surprised these birds are hunted for their meat. They’re kind of stupid, haha. 😛 Feel sorry for the female ducks though. They’re just victims in all of this. 😥 But yeah, go and read about the sex lives of ducks sometime! It’s pretty nuts.

Anyway, two pics of the birds we fed on Saturday…

ducks 1

pigeons 1

After feeding the birds, LOCMomand I went to get a cupcake at our local cake shop, Sublime! They were pretty tasty, but pricey. 3 bucks a cupcake, but they are soooooooo worth it! Then I went off to Dollar Tree to buy my budgeted Operation Christmas Child items! Found a bunch of cute stuff in there for the kids! 🙂 We then got home and I found myself on YouTube watching Looney Tunes clips! Man, did those clips bring back some great memories when I watched them as a child! They are just as funny now as when I watched them as a kid! 😀 Now even funnier, I think!

After binge watching YouTube, I looked in the kitchen pantry and thought, “Man, I need to reorganize the bottom half of this pantry!” And so I did! I streamlined that sucker! Organized everything and took some stuff out of it and it looks very cleanly and organized now! I’m so proud of myself and LOCMom likes it as well. 🙂

Money Spent on Saturday

  • Operation Chrsitmas Child Items (for 5 items) – $5.36
  • Sublime Cupcakes (2 cupcakes) – $6.00

Total Amount Spent: $11.36

On Sunday, I helped LOMom declutter the garage! With LOCBroA’s permission, we got rid of all of his childhood legos! Or, LOCMom did. I’m sure was proud of her for making a huge dent in our garage! After going through the garage and dropping stuff off at a Goodwill donation center, we went to the main Goodwill store and I looked around in it! Found some coasters that were new in their package that said they were absorbent, but it turns out that that is not the case when I used them with a nice cold glass cup. They freakin’ stick to the cup! Man, I spent $4.19 on those which is a lot of money for someone on Social Security Disability and you buy something that was new in its box and it doesn’t even work. I mean, really? : |Well, back in our donation box they are going! However, I also found a granite coaster from a fancy schmancy luxurious cruise liner that worked very nicely for around 2 bucks and I feel like a queen using it! Something from a luxurious cruise liner that functions well and cost me only two dollars still new in its package? Sign me up to buy things like that! 😀

I also got some new staples that were brand new in their box. We didn’t really need them, but the staples were in a nifty box and for $1.19, why not? I also bought a binder for replacing a binder I had bought at Goodwill since my old binder was getting too small for the amount of papers it had in it and the new binder works great! Plus it was 50% off, so it was like 60 cents! Score! 😀

And after my thrifting adventures, later that evening, we went to a show and saw the Dog Whisperer, Caesar Millan! He was quite the showman! Like on his television show, all of the dogs magically obeyed him. There were dogs backstage from a local rescue I used to volunteer at, but they were all so well behaved that they didn’t need to go on stage, the rescue claimed. Thought that was awesome. 🙂 In the middle of the show, there were three South Park clips of Caesar Millan trying to “train” the South Park character Cartman Dog Whisperer style. xD It was from the South Park episode, ‘Tsst’ if anyone would like to watch all of the clips. 🙂 I don’t watch the show, but I know what it’s basically about, haha. But, it was so funny and the audience was howling with laughter! LOCMom and I both enjoyed the show very much! It was about 10:00PM when we got home, so it was pretty late. 🙂

Money Spent On Sunday

  • Blue Binder – $0.60
  • Staples – $1.19
  • Crappy Coasters (4 in total) – $4.19
  • Granite Coaster – $2.19

Total Amount Spent: $7.08

And that about wraps up that weekend! Had a lot of fun! The weather is going to be nicer now and I can’t wait to start enjoying some exercising outdoors again if it’s not too cold from the wind. 🙂

How was your weekend?

Ask a Millennial! Did we really kill Toys R Us?

Welcome to my blog series, ‘Ask a Millennnial!’ In this blog series, I talk about what millennials like myself like to do, what we dislike, and for this blog post, what companies we may be killing. 😛 Let’s get started! 🙂

So I came across an article on Business Insider about Toys R Us claiming that millennials such as myself killed their company and that there is a “demographic time bomb” coming upon the United States. We’ll address the millennial thing first. 🙂

The article argues that since because millennials are not having as much children as companies and others would like, that that is the reason why Toys R Us went bust. Their claim: lower toy sales = bankruptcy. But for someone who follows retail news, some of Toys R Us’ executives (17 of them) got a huge cash payment of millions (14 million to be exact) to basically “motivate them” to sell toys a whole lot better. Yup, you read that right. Their already fat salaries weren’t convincing enough to sell toys from a dying company better, so they needed more money! MOOOOOAAAAR! This was going on last year in 2017 when they were getting out of their bankruptcy which in the end didn’t end up saving the company.

With stuff like that happening behind the scenes, I’m basically happy another greedy corporation like Toys R Us went bust. I’m sure pretty much any old mainstream corporation is the same as Toys R Us (Wal-Mart, Amazon, etc.), but when I hear about these backroom deals from a beloved company, it just makes me angry. Of course, all corporations are the same with this kind of stuff, so I just pick my battles on who to get mad at since I shop at some of these businesses that do this stuff. Amazon in particular. I’m not perfect, ya’ll. 😦

Then there is the claim that Amazon, Wal-Mart, and Target also dealt the final blow to the toy store. I have read in another business insider article that Toys R Us couldn’t discount their toys because selling toys was their business unlike these other retailers who sold almost everything else. They just couldn’t afford to discount stuff like those big three companies could. Which is understandable. It looks like Amazon and those other guys killed another department store! 😛 So with these stores selling toys more cheaply than Toys R Us could, why are we blaming millennials again? Because we are so blamable and responsible for bankrupted companies like Toys R Us to make them survive? – raises eye brow –

I’m here to tell you Toys R Us that it is not our fault for not keeping you afloat. Don’t you be blaming us for you not keeping up with changing times and retail trends. You guys sunk your own ship and don’t go blaming the other generations of consumers for not trying to save you either. : |

Now for the demographic time bomb thing… I completely understand why this is starting to happen and it’s fairly obvious. Because of flat wages across the board and seeing how salaries of regular workers, white or blue collared, are not going up and everything else is (such as housing which is needed to put future parents’ children in), you will get a demographic time bomb and like it. Shame on all of these businesses who don’t pay their workers a living wage no matter where they work or how hard they work. This is probably the main reason why millennials and other people are not having children because they simply cannot afford them on the flat wages they make. I feel for everyone in my country who are struggling to get by on any kind of unlivable wage, whether they are working or not. Even in the higher cost of living areas for the people who make a higher wage from their job, but cannot afford to live in the area they work in. It just makes me mad how so many people are suffering in the United States and how they are never receiving a living wage or adequate help that they truly need in each of their circumstances. It is not right and is wrong.

I can go on, but I won’t. 🙂 I think everyone gets the point and I will end it with this: low wages = bankrupt companies that don’t keep up with times and a demographic time bomb. I hope that makes sense to these companies like Toys R Us who don’t keep up with the times and needs of its customers.

And that concludes this blog post of, ‘Ask a Millennial!’ See you next time! 🙂

(And if anyone is interested in reading my ‘Ode to Toys R Us’ blog post, check it out here! 🙂 )

Why do you think Toys R Us died? Did millennials really kill the business?