Ms. LOC’s Art Corner (Gallery 1)

Heya’ everybody! Today is the start of a new blog series called ‘Ms. LOC’s Art Corner’! In this blog series, I will be showing off my artwork that I have been doing recently that has been completed or maybe not completed yet. You never know what I may post though! 🙂 

So, I have been drawing again lately. It’s been a while since I have been doing any kind of artwork and since I have completed at least two pieces with more on the way, I kind wanted to show all of you, my wonderful readers, what I have been drawing. 🙂 Let’s get started!

The two pieces of artwork I am about to show you are in the fanart category. Fanart is a type of artwork that people draw from other series that are from either books or television. I have watermarked each image so if they are shared by somebody without my permission, they won’t be able to get the watermarking off of it. 🙂

Here is my first piece!

Todaroki Laying To Rest copy

Man, I did a good job crosshatching this one! This character is Shoto Todoroki from the anime and manga series, Boku no Hero Academy, or My Hero Academia. It is a Japanese comic, or manga, and animated television show that I am a fan of! It’s about a boy named Deku who wants to become a hero and gets help from a famous hero named All Might in order to receive a quirk, or super hero power, so he can get into a super hero school and become a famous hero like All Might. Throughout the story, he defeats bad guys and stuff basically. 😛 Can’t wait until the 3rd season this coming April! 😀

Anyway, the reason why this character look so sad and is crying is that he is facing his past and overcoming it. He is laying it to rest, so to speak. I can speak too much on this character’s past because I would be spoiling the details behind this character for those of you who haven’t watched or read My Hero Academia yet though. I don’t want to be that person ruining things for everybody, haha. 😛

The materials I used to crosshatch this character are a black pen brush and black Copic pens. 🙂

Next and last but not least!

Souya Fanart (Text)

Hmm… After looking at this picture uploaded, I should have put more crosshatching into his gray suit. I can always go back and do it again, but I like him this way I think. 🙂

Anyway, this piece of fanart is of a character named Touji Souya from the anime and manga 3-Gatsu no Lion or, March Comes in Like a Lion. This series centers around a Japanese Chess-like game called Shogi and Touji Souya is the best player in Japan who plays that game in this particular series. He is known as a Meijin of Shogi. I’m not sure what a ‘Meijin’ is exactly, but from reading the manga, it means you’re top dog in the world of Shogi, I guess. 😛

In this picture, the character is holding up a brush and holding a bag of candy. This picture is a piece of fanart from a manga panel in the comic and in the comic, the character is facing to the side instead of facing forward. I drew him facing forward for a change of perspective though. I don’t know about you, but in the manga, Touji Souya’s smile makes by heart melt like butter. 😀

I used Copic black pens and a Prismacolor markers for the grayscale shading. Did pointalism with the marker throughout his entire suit and eyes, so it did take a while to get them both shaded, especially the suit…

After Thoughts

And I believe that is it! Thank you for joining me in Ms. LOC’s Art Corner! In the next Art Corner, I hope to have more artwork to show everybody that will make you just as happy! 😀

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