What did I do this weekend? (April 21-22, 2018)

Hello everybody! I am very sorry again for no blog post this week. 😦 I’ve been a very bad blogger I will admit, but I hope to have weekly blog posts again starting this week! I’ve got a few topics I have been wanting to blog about! 🙂

But come and see what I did this weekend!


On Saturday, LOCMom and I went yard saling! It was a beautiful morning and a great time to hit up some sales! We went to a few garage sales and even one where we donated our stuff to to donate to their cause their garage sale was for and unfortunately, I didn’t find anything… 😦 But I found this cool bean bag chair which I sat in and was super comfy! It was HUUUUUGE though! Like a third of the size of one of those HUGE teddy bears they sell at Costco sometimes! Wouldn’t even fit in our car. 😛

After yard saling, I went to the mall and tried on some clothes! So far, I am medium/small in shirts and 12/14 in pants! Well, a 12W if they even make that size. 😛 Just wanted to check where I was at… 🙂

After shopping, I went home to eat my cheat meal… In-N-Out! 😀


YES, that meal tasted as good as it looks! Guys, I haven’t had a hamburger in months or maybe even a year. I’m not your stereotypical American, haha. 😛 To me, I think hamburgers are quite fattening and are a rare indulgence! Especially with a side of French Fries and a strawberry milkshake! ^ u^ Oh man, looking at the picture of my cheat makes me want to have it again! But I cannot, haha. Special occasions only!

During my Saturday night, I read my Salt Sugar Fat book, which I am almost done with by the way. 😉 Then I watched a new episode of My Hero Academia! The third season is starting off a little slow, but now that the villains have shown up, I predict things will start picking up plot wise now. 🙂 Then at around 10:00PM, I boiled some eggs for my usual salads, but there has been a recall on romaine lettuce which is what I normally eat as a leafy veggie. 😦 Grrrrr… I will have to make do with quinoa bowls instead now, which are fine, but I have to start cooking my veggies in the oven again. 😦 I basically roast brussels sprouts and broccoli for my veggies in general, but salads have just been so convenient lately. Plus, I pack my salads with lots of protein and well portioned dressing, so they are always perfect tasting! I absolutely love them! ❤

And you must forgive me again because I did not keep my receipts from this weekend. 😦 So no spending records for this weekend. Sorry everybody… I will definitely remember them for next weekend’s Weekend Update though! 😀


On Sunday, I did a few things! In the morning, I read my Salt Sugar Fat book first thing! The internet is basically dead on Sunday’s when it comes to new content to read and look at, so I went and read my book. Almost done with it! I have a feeling that I will be keeping this book since it brings me joy and was such a great read! It is rare that a “regular” book stays upon my bookshelf forever or until I get a digital copy of it to replace the physical copy, but it is definitely a wonderful thing!

After hanging out during the morning at home, I went out shopping to a few stores! I went to Bed Bath and Beyond for a lazy susan for my spices that I had my eye on for a while, but sadly, it was too big for my cupboard. Have to return it some time this week. 😦 Then I went to Target and Sally’s for a stupid nail buffer that is rectangular and wouldn’t you know it, none of them had the one I was looking for. I even checked Wal-Mart and they had the one I was looking for, except they were inside of individual nail kits with stuff I didn’t need from them. Boooooooo. It’s either Amazon or Wal-Mart for my nail buffer needs and I will check Wal-Mart one more time to see if the right buffer I am looking for are in the kits. They under 3 bucks and Amazon wants 6 bucks for the buffer I ordered from them last time… *sighs*

Then at some point in my shopping trip, I went to Dollar Tree and bought some clothes pins for keeping fruits and veggies fresh and also two file sets for my self customized cook book binder! After I got home from shopping, I labeled the folder tabs according to my categories of recipes in my cookbook and it looks great now! Btw, I give a A+ grade on Dollar Tree’s see-through folder tabs for organizing documents in sheet protectors in binders! The reason why I love them so much is because the labeled tabs stick out over the sheet protectors in each of my binders that I have making it easier to find contents in binders unlike regular pricier folder tabs sold in other stores. Here they are! Love these little guys! 😀

After organizing my cookbook, I basically relaxed all evening. ^ _^

So that was my weekend! Pretty fun, especially my In-N-Out meal! 😀 Next weekend’s cheat meal will be a deep fried dessert though! 😀

How was your weekend?

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