What if I also want to live a “boring life”?

Hello everybody! I gotta’ admit, I struggled to find a topic to write about this week and it being Saturday, the week is almost done. But I have finally found one!

I have just got around to reading this blog post again. It is about blog post’s author wanting just a “mediocre life”. Mediocre being not a life that is wasted, but a life that is relaxing and not hurried is what I understood from it reading it again. The author of this blog post is also a mother who has children, but she does not want a life that is too complicated or busy.

I must admit that this “mediocre life” or “boring life” is something I completely understand. Heck, maybe I want to strive for it myself. Not wanting to be hurried through life with heavy obligations or even light ones and just enjoying life as if you are a butterfly; not weighed down by anything. Seems pretty nice. One does not have to be famous to live a “successful life” or in light of the royal wedding this week, even marry a prince in order to say they have made it. Don’t get me wrong, Meghan Markle has totally made it, but we don’t all have to have a guy or girl that is a prince or princess to marry in our lives to say that we are finally successful. Then there are special people in this world that are incredibly good at something, or even gifted at – insert hobby here -, and what if you are just average at what they are really good at? Living a “mediocre life”, you don’t really have to be gifted or really good at something either to say you have made it in this world.

Then alas, there is me. Someone who has multiple interests, but is not at a professional level with any of my interests. In other words, I am not a Mozart in any of my interests. Small things like drawing, writing, thrifting, sometimes pecking keys on a lone piano if I happen to come across one, and even cooking using recipes and never making stuff from scratch unless I have a recipe… These are the things I am not really a professional at, but I still enjoy because they are my interests that bring me joy. I may have “potential” in all of them, but I chose not to pursue being a proper professional in any of them because I really don’t want to give up my free time in order to have heavy obligations in order to become a professional in something I am not sure I really want to pursue fully in the first place.

I also sometimes think when I finally complete the book I have been writing and publish it finally, whether it be self published or I will just get book copies made of it for whoever requests them from me from some company like a printing company, I wonder if my life will change or remain the same. I highly doubt I will be the next Stephen King or JK Rowling when my book is completed and in a physical and/or digital format, but in this life, or for my dream of a “mediocre life” to be achieved, I wish to be a published author someday and write for fun. If I happen to become successful just so slightly and not become a rockstar of the literature world, I sincerely hope people will enjoy the stories that I create from this wild and crazy mind of mine someday. 🙂

Right now in my life, I am just an average joe. Not famous, haven’t achieved anything great society would deem me a successful person for doing, and in fact, for my age bracket as a younger millennial, I would be seen as a very boring person. I’m not a party animal, like engaging in causal sex, or like to go clubbing at all. I can’t even drink since I am on medication for my mental illnesses. Yes, Ms. LOC is veeeeery exciting as a millennial, haha. 😛 But just because I don’t participate in any of those things doesn’t mean I have failed in life. In fact, I feel incredibly blessed to live the life I am living. I know I am very lucky compared to other millennials my age who are struggling just to stay afloat in this tough economy and I feel for them and all for the other Americans and people who are struggling in a rigged society like ours. But in my “mediocre life”, from what I have learned in the past and even now is that being not just nice, but a kind person to others always pays off. I think all people enjoy talking and being around kind people whether they are famous or not. And being kind is just a great thing in general that everyone should strive for when kindness should be given and spoken to others.

To conclude, I find that living a quiet, calm, and happy life is not wrong. It is something that should be strived for if you wish for a life like this for yourself and your family if you have one. I have learned that you don’t have to absolutely the best at something in order to be a good person or to be successful in society or in life. If you be you and spread kindness to other people you meet throughout life, things will definitely pay off and you will live a life worth living. 🙂

Are you living a “boring life” or wish to live one?

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