What did I do/buy this weekend? (May 19th – May 20th, 2018)

Hey everybody! This weekend was pretty fun! Come and see what I did this weekend! πŸ˜€


Before going shopping, LOCMom and I went to a family yard sale near our home, but alas, I did not find anything. 😦 Then, I went to the mall to Macy’s, Torrid, and See’s Candy! I was basically looking for a dress in Torrid and Macy’s, but a dress I found at Macy’s was dry clean only. Boooooooooo. :C So I left it there. I eventually found a dress, but more on that later! πŸ™‚

We also ran into LOCAuntV and LOCCousinJ and her daughter, LOCCousinO! We didn’t visit for too long, but we all said hi to one another before leaving the mall! πŸ˜€

After the mall, I then went to get my cheat meal for the week and I couldn’t think of anywhere else that would be cheaper, so… I had In-N-Out! πŸ˜€


It’s not the best picture of an In-N-Out meal in the world, but maaaaaaaan did it ever hit the spot! πŸ˜€

But while at In-N-Out, I saw a pigeon or technically, a rock dove, have a nest in a place where there were spikes to keep her away on In-N-Out’s building. She wants to be a good mommy so bad to her babies which I thought was super sweet! πŸ˜€


After shopping, I basically relaxed all day and later on watched a new episode of My Hero Academia! πŸ˜€ One of the characters got captured by the League of Villains this week, but since he has such an awful personality and the main villain is such a stickler for manners, I don’t think things will work out well between them. xD

HOWEVER! I have also started reading the manga for My Hero Academia and I was very surprised on theΒ little details the show left out from the manga. That is the reason I will always like manga more than anime every time. The little details are so important to me and to express scenes accurately! πŸ˜₯

After reading My Hero Academia, I went to bed. πŸ™‚

Money Spent on Saturday

  • In-N-Out Cheat Meal – $5.70

Total Amount Spent: $5.70


On Sunday, LOCMom dropped me off at Ross while she went out shopping at other stores! In Ross, my goal was to buy a pair of news shorts or capris, but sadly no luck. 😦 I also looked at laundry baskets and there was none that I liked. 😦 I have been meaning to upgrade my boring white plastic one with a prettier cotton lined one, but it must be the perfect laundry basket! > _<;;; You know how that is. But since it is near the end of the month and I don’t have a lot of money left to spend on frivolous things like laundry baskets when mine works justΒ fine at the moment, it will have to wait until next month. πŸ™‚

But after looking at the laundry baskets, I made a b-line to the dresses because I remembered I needed one! Especially a nice dress for parties and special events. πŸ™‚ After trying on 378234837384 dresses and after many “bend over” tests in the dressing room, meaning… whenever I bend over to pick something up in said dress, my panties won’t show. : | I am blessed and cursed with a big booty where I make the tiniest dresses look x-rated whenever I bend over in them. It’s hard carrying all of your weight in your waist area especially when you sit down… 😦

But anyway… I eventually found a dress after trying on many a dress!

And here it is! πŸ˜€


I thought this dress was so cute! It will be great to wear to parties and stuff! Plus, I can hand wash it afterΒ wearing it which is the best part! πŸ™‚ And I am all about the latest sneaker trend Serena Williams is rocking with her dress from the recent Royal Wedding! πŸ˜€ I might just have to try that in this dress, haha. ^ _^

At the end of the day, LOCMom and I went to visit LOCAuntV and her dog, Boogie! LOCCousinJ was there and we also visited with her as well. ^ _^ Boogie wanted everyone to throw his toy, but LOCAuntV threw it out in the garage, haha. πŸ˜› We left LOCAuntV’s house when her show came on and went home. πŸ™‚

Back at home, I read more My Hero Academia! I am at the point where the third season of the anime series starts, but I really don’t think there is any hurry to catch up to the current chapter because seeing as Shonen series like these go on FOREVER, there is really no hurry to finish them all in one sitting. πŸ˜› They are a marathon to read, not a sprint you could say. πŸ™‚

After reading My Hero Academia, I went to bed. ^ _^

Money Spent on Sunday

  • New Dress from Ross – $26.80

Total Amount Spent: $26.80

So all in all, a good weekend! πŸ˜€

But one last thing!

While exercising tonight, I caught this great sunset by my house!


Pretty, huh? πŸ™‚

How was your weekend?

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