Hmm… I wonder what industries the kids are “killing” these days? (Part 1)

Heya’ everybody! So I was thinking about the kids these days who are known as Generation Z. They were born between the years of 1995 – 2010. Alas, some people start the year bracket for this generation at 1996 or even 1997, but I think their generation starts at 1995. 🙂 Anyway, these kids are currently in middle school and high school and some are even starting college, but just like us millennials such as myself, they are killing industries as well! Or they plan to at least. 😛

So a few weeks back, I asked LOCNieceV if this Business Insider article about her generation killing these 8 industries is correct and true. And do you know what her reply was? YES, the article is pretty damn accurate! Couldn’t believe it. 🙂

So today, we will be discussing what Generation Z is killing and as a millennial, what I think about these young whipper snappers’ decisions to kill off these industries. I will go down half of the list featured in this Business Insider article in Part 1 of this blog series. 🙂

Preppy Clothing Brands

So the kids aren’t really into preppy designer brands Ralph Lauren and other “luxury” brands. But alas, according to the article, the well known preppy clothing company known as American Eagle Gen Z seems to be chill with in our next category! Good news for that brand because I kind of like that brand, haha. 🙂

I honestly think though that as soon as Gen Z gets spending power, they may start to be interested in some luxury items because they will have the cash to purchase it, but I am totally down with this generation taking out any “luxury” brands. Do we really need to spend $1000 for a tin can from Tiffany’s? I’m being serious. I’m not joking. They are actually asking $1000 for a freakin’ empty can. And the people who have actually bought this here can… I am afraid you have more money than sense. : |

Department Stores

Watch out JC Penney and Macy’s, you are not the definition of cool in Gen Z’s eyes. According to the article, since Gen Zers are still mostly in high school, they like stores that cater to them specifically like American Eagle and any other “cool” teen stores.

A little backstory on what I thought about these “teen” clothing stores growing up. When I was a teenager, I remember that my thighs were so big and my hips were wider than the average really thin teenage girl that I could not wear those cute little “booty shorts”. They looked cute on my very thin popular girl school mates, but whenever I tried to wear them as a teen, they would either not fit me because of my big hips + naturally big butt and since the short legs on the shorts were so short, I would have chub rub like no tomorrow. I just lacked the body and possible thigh gap some naturally skinnier girl classmates had when I was a teen and it made me feel awful about my body, but that is another story.

Also, when I was a teenager, I thought teenage shirts were just GOD AWFUL UGLY. Keep in mind when I went to high school in the mid 2000’s, so everything was awful fashion wise still. I find today’s fashion choices to be much better than when I was younger. So because I thought teenage shirts were awful looking, I always went to the adult ladies section to buy my shirts and I was never disappointed. Always found cute stuff. Just wish I knew about discount stores back then, but this is when the malls were basically America’s Amazon when Amazon and discount stores weren’t booming yet.

Back to the department stores Gen Z hates. I also found as a teen that Macy’s clothing in the teenage section did not fit me and that was mostly the pants and shorts. I eventually even wore the largest size at JC Penney and that didn’t help with my body image problems either. But like I said, that is another story. 🙂

And now we move forward to today. Like I said in the last section, once Gen Z gets spending power, these stores may see their teen merchandise fly off the shelves, but I’m not too sure. Whenever I am in my local Macy’s or JC Penney, I never see any Gen Z kids in the teenage sections. *shrug emoji* I honestly think that these kids don’t think that these stores are “cool” to shop in and they probably just think their “boring” adult parents like shopping for “boring” clothes in them. And as a millennial myself, it has been MONTHS since I have bought anything from our local Macy’s or JC Penney. And whenever I get a JC Penney coupon for $10 off of $10 or more, that is the only time I go into JC Penney. Macy’s… Almost never. :/

So unless Macy’s and JC Penney want to be the next Sears that is dying a painful death, they better make some major changes soon unless they want to be left behind.

Cable TV

Now THIS is what I would love to see with the last nail in its coffin. Apparently Gen Z is not a fan of Cable TV and neither are us millennials! What is really funny I found is that according to the article, Gen Zers think Cable TV is only great to fall asleep to. Now that is pretty lulzy. *laugh/cry emoji*

In all honesty, it’s only a matter of time until Cable TV dies off completely. With the baby boomers and other older generations practically the only ones holding onto cable packages, Cable TV’s days are pretty much numbered as those generations pass away. Very morbid I know, but that is what I predict what will probably happen to Cable TV’s customers eventually and then making Cable TV die off somewhere in between.

So I and other millennials will not miss you Cable TV and neither will Generation Z. Your time is very short and will run out in the near future. 😐

Anything Related to Paper

WILL PAPERBACK BOOKS BE GONE BY 2030? If Generation Z has their way, probably. Apparently Gen Z hates having paper copies of anything and likes everything to be digital. Me? I would not mind this. Currently in the past, I have bought YUUUUUGE binders from numerous thrift stores to keep all of my paper documents in. It would be very nice and convenient if they were all online in an account someplace instead where I wouldn’t have to keep them on me all of the time… I could just print them out if I wanted to. I could go digital anytime you could say, but the physical copies of my important documents I organized in my binders are fine for now and they work out great. 🙂 I really have no desire to put them on a hard drive in my computer or on an online account and lose those hard copies in case something happens to my computer or account.

HOWEVER, if the documents that were sent to me from Social Security let’s say and SSA gave me a digital copy of every letter I get sent onto my My Social Security account for me to access along with a physical copy, that would be absolutely fantastic! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE that! As long as documents sent to me are featured and saved on OFFICIAL websites like government websites like Social Security or other secured business websites, I can see how the paperless route could work in the long run.

But until then, I’m keeping my binders, haha. 🙂

Wrap Up

So that was Part 1 of this series! Come check out part two when I get it up! Probaly next week! 😀

Are you looking forward to the “deaths” of these industries Generation Z will be killing in the near future?

2 thoughts on “Hmm… I wonder what industries the kids are “killing” these days? (Part 1)

  1. Great article and discussion! I’ll be glad when cable dies too! Sadly, I’m tethered to them because in my area they are the *only* reliable source for internet. Their internet prices are outrageous unless you also subscribe to their lousy cable tv! I wish they would dump the tv and just do internet. The tv channels, mostly shopping and sports, are costing all of us a lot of money for nothing.

    I agree about the department stores. I have body size issues too and I haven’t shopped in Macy’s or Penney’s for years. I used to like Target but I can’t find much there anymore either. They seem to cater to tweens or young mommies. I totally agree with you on the paper thing too, wish I could reliably dump all my paper files.


    1. Let me guess, your cable network is Charter? 😦 If it is, we have to have the same package or the internet from them is 98776786786 dollars a month alone. 😡

      I am very close to my high school weight currently, but I have developed a womanly body now and sizes change over the years, so I have no idea what pant size I was in high school besides what a 14 or a 16 was during the mid to late 2000’s. : / My body issues are kind of gone because I can fit straight sizes again, but finding shorts while having thunder thighs like mine is always a pain. 😥 I don’t usually shop at the stores you mention for clothing either since Wal-Mart and Goodwill are cheaper. *shrug emoji*

      And YAAAAAS, hopfully we can dump all of the files in the future! 🙂


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