A Breif Weekend Update + An IMPORTANT LOC Blog Annoucement!

Hey everybody! I hope everyone had a fun weekend! I won’t be able to get too much into my weekend in this Weekend Update because of our big move happening this week, but I will give everyone a brief overview on how my weekend went!

(Breif) Weekend Update

On Saturday, LOCSister and I went with LOCFather’s side of the family to LOCNephewT’s and LOCNephewB’s birthday party! I got each of them a HUGE Costco bag of Parate’s Booty (crispy corn chips that are salty and cheesy 🙂 ) and at the end of the day, the bag was eaten up by family including my nephews (which there are 3 of 😀 )and my nephews’ friends. 😀 Not a bad gift if I do say so myself!

I also got bitten up by misquitos outside of their home. Ya’ll… It is a MOSQUITO BREEDING HEAVEN out there. Surrounded by rice fields filled with water for acres and acres out in the countryside with the field’s farmers never spraying for mosquito larva and you have a perfect mosquito breeding paradise and 8498358356 mosquitoes! O ______O These mosquitos are so bad that they even bite you during the day and EVEN BITE YOU INSIDE YOUR SHOES since they all hang out in the bushes, in dark places, and anywhere where it is moist and damp at all. I’m currently all bit up from them. 😥 And after the party, there was a mosquito in LOCSister’s and LOCBILM’s truck! 😡 Bit up my feet on the way back home. > _< Gawd….. What a nightmare. :C Not the party which was very fun :D, but the mosquitos… 😥

And on Sunday, I think I shopped. Can’t remember unfortunately since I didn’t write the day down. 😦 But besides that, it was a very fun weekend! 😀


If you have been following my blog posts talking about my big move, well, we are going to be moving soon! I am very excited to be moving to an area in California where there will be more for young people to do and to be able to use their local ROCK STAR library’s collection of books for all of my reading needs instead of buying books all of the time. Dx Looking forward to it!

But alas, because we will be moving next week and I will have to be getting ready for the big move, I will not be able to update Living on Cents while we are in the process of moving. Things will get very busy for me and I will have to put my desktop computer away which is the only device I have that is effective enough for me to able to write my blog posts on. I am estimating it should be about 1-2 weeks until I am able to come back and blog again regularly because our new apartment has to be hooked up with wi-fi in order for me to have access to the internet on my iMac.

With saying this, I am very sorry for the short hiatus I will have to take from the blog and as soon as I get settled into our new home, I will try and hook up my computer ASAP to wi-fi and update the blog again saying that I am back! 😀 I will update everyone on how our big move is going and let everyone know how things are working out. ^ _^ Hopefully by then, I can start blogging again regularly because LOCMom and I are basically just hanging out in our current home waiting to move our things to our new home. Doesn’t even feel like a home that much anymore to be honest, but I am looking forward to creating a home-y environment in our new place! 😀

Goodbye for now everybody and I shall return as soon as I can! I can tell you that I cannot live without the internet basically, so I am going to make sure my iMac will be hooked up to the wi-fi in our new home ASAP! > _<;;; I do have a tablet that I use the internet on, but I don’t like using it to blog on since I am so limited on it. 😦

Also, thank you to my recent subscribers for subscribing to my blog and I am very sorry I have to leave you hanging on such short notice. Like I said, I hope to be back to blogging soon ASAP and I hope everyone will look forward to my next update about our big move!

Until that day comes, see everyone soon! 😀

(Late) June 2018 Budget Check-In!

Hey everybody! It is finally here, but a bit late! It is time for the June 2018 Budget Check-In! June was a particularly very blessed month for me financial because some formula from Social Security made me have a bigger payout than what I usually get. They told me to enjoy it and so I did! Come and see how I spent my money in June 2018! 😀

Rent/Monthly Bills: $500.00

This is the minimum amount that I am required to pay. It all goes toward rent and household bills. 🙂

Medication: $3.70

Medication payment for one of my meds! I think LOCMom took care of my other meds, so thank you, LOCMom! 😀

Groceries: $103.26

Well, groceries are a little higher this month. It’s mainly because of my sparkling water habit and from buying good quality almond milk. Those were my two highest categories on my grocery category this month. I don’t mind though since both things get drank quickly and nothing is wasted. 🙂

Household Expenses: $219.25

This category is particularly large this month because I bought a lot of stuff I needed and I’m not going to lie… also wanted. 🙂 Things like 4 exercise shorts, a duvet cover, a new night stand (found at a garage sale), Tums in bulk, and bulk size toothbrushes were on the need and want list. But mostly on the need list. June was kind to me and I am very thankful. ❤

Misc. Items: $102.06

Lots of misc. stuff, some I even had to give away back to the thrift store because of our big move. 😥 Just stuff I wanted now that I look it over again. But a lot of that stuff I do plan on enjoying again after our move. 😀

Entertainment: $44.07

Went over this category by 4 bucks, but I decided to spend a little more in this categor since I had some extra scratch in June. 🙂 Everything was appreciated. ❤

Eating Out: $65.01

Okay, I am WAAAAAY over budget in this category, but I could afford it last month at least. Spent around 18 bucks on a crappy pizza at a tourist trap restaurant in my town and I was so mad about the quality of food I got for around 20 bucks. Grrrrrr. The rest of the food I did buy I really liked though, but I am toning it down basically in July. 🙂

Budgeted Items – $117.93

Yeeeeeees, I had a ball at Costco in June. Got to buy extra things I am always eating. 🙂 Also bought some Father’s Day cards this month at Dollar Tree, but since things were so hectic in June and are a little more hectic in July now, I didn’t get the chance to send them all off. 😥 Next year though for sure! 😀

Let see what the grand total is…

*drum roll*

Grand Total: $1155.28

WOW! I sometimes ask myself where all of my money goes and then I look at my budget and say, “Oh… THAT AND THAT AND THAT… > _>”. But hey, it was a windfall month for me and I enjoyed the extra money I was blessed with. ^ _^ Wish I always had that much money to spend each month. Things would be easier for sure. 🙂

How was your budget in June 2018?

What did I do this Weekend? (July 14-15, 2018)

Hi, everybody! Wow, last week went by fast and things were busy. I meant to put a blog post up last week about my spending in June, but I plan on doing that this week! ^ _^ LOCMom and I are still preparing for our big move and I am looking forward to it! Unfortunately, I did not save my receipts this weekend, so there will be no spending summary with today’s blog post. My bad. 😥 I gotta’ be better about that…

Anyway, come and see what I did this weekend!


On Saturday, I did a little Goodwill shopping while LOCMom visited with her friend at Barnes&Nobles. I bought a few things in there and even almost bought a pair of shoes for myself, but they were stained on the inside of them. Boooooooo. : ( They were also dirty on the soles, but that is something I could overlook since they seemed to be in decent shape. But alas, I left them there. : / It is so hard for me to find shoes for my feet in thrift stores because my feet are like, extra wide. That means I have to pay $876475759475 for a pair of shoes for my feet usually. 😥 But most recently, I got lucky at TJMAXX and managed to buy a pair of shoes that worked well for my feet! LOCMom bought me another pair that also worked for me as well, so thank you, LOCMom! 😀 I bought the shoes I found with one of my TJMAXX gift cards my LOCCousins and LOCFriendT got for me during my birthday party. So thank you to all of my LOCCousins and LOCFriendT! ^ _^

Here is a pic of my new shoes! ^ o^


I’m just praying to the Shoe Diety that my shoes will last me a long time and won’t fall apart quickly on me when I wear them… T _T

In the evening, I managed to declutter a few more items for our big move. It wasn’t much, but some stuff had to be pared down a little more. Basically, I have all of the important stuff that I will be needing for our big move. : ) I may or may not donate a manga series that I have to a local library in one of the small towns in our new county we will be living in, but we shall see. : ) I don’t really like giving manga series to thrift stores because I‘d rather libraries build up their manga shelves with my manga instead. ^ _^ That way, I will be able to share my manga series to the entire communities around our new area. I absolutely cannot wait to check out the Sacramento, CA library though and see their collection of manga books if they have any. I bet they are loaded with them! * O*

Speaking of manga, I also read a new manga last night that I had dropped for about a year because I didn’t like the conclusion to the last one I read. You could tell I was mad, haha. 😛 But I picked up the series again last night and I am happy that I did! I am pretty much near the ending of it, but I have about 7 more books to go until the end point. After reading this series, this manga collection will be heading off the nearest local library as well. 🙂

Sunday and What I Have Been Up Too!

Honestly, I did not do a lot of Sunday besides volunteer at my volunteer job WHICH I LOVE AND WILL MISS SOOOOOOO MUCH. T _T I am basically trying to volunteer as much as I can so I can say goodbye to all of the residents that I know the best at my job. They are all sad to see me go, but are wishing me well. 🙂 I may come back and visit with them sometime if I am ever in the area, but that is a big maybe. 😥 Today, I helped out with Bingo and everyone usually has fun trying to win prizes during the game. I even have my own little Bingo game I pull out during my get-togethers or parties with friends and family and I use the same format as my volunteer job’s workplace when they play Bingo with everyone there. : )

It has been really hot lately with the temperatures being over 100 degrees (that’s, I think, 37+ degrees Celsius for my blog readers outside of the United States 😉 ), so there has not been a lot of exercising going on with me. Booooooooo. : ( But I’m going to try and get out there tonight if the heat isn’t too bad… Weather permitting as well… O _O;;;

I have also been trying a new technique to reduce cellulite which is ACTUALLY suppose to work! It’s called dry brushing. It’s where you take a wooden brush with soft-ish bristles, rub your body down with it either going toward your heart or in a circular motion, and it’s suppose to reduce the look of cellulite along with other health benefits! One link I ran into on the net says you should do it twice a day, so I did. : ) I’m going to try this method out for a week and see how it goes. Wish me well!

And that is my weekend. : )

How was your weekend?