A breif Weekend Update + What I am up to! (June 30, 2018 – July 3, 2018)

Hey everybody! I forgot to keep my receipts again, so there will be no money spent part in this Weekend Update. And it’s Tuesday, I know. : / Because of this, I want to keep things brief. But if you stick around, there is a special surprise at the end having to do with LOCKitty Amelia! πŸ˜€

Well, this weekend I officially kick started my diet again and I am trying to lose weight again. I have discovered the perfect time to go out exercising on these 100+ degree days in the evening, so nothing is stopping me now! πŸ˜€ I also went shopping at a few places as well and bought a few fun things this weekend! So yup, a pretty fun weekend, but man, do I wish there were more to do in my town than just shopping. 😦 But I will be out of this town soon and will be going somewhere where there will be more to do, so I cannot wait! Plus, our new town will be next to other towns around the Sacramento area, so no isolation unlike far Northern California! Can’t wait! ^ _^

What I have been up to

For the past two weeks, I have been watering LOCNeighborP’s plants. I think I may have killed a few of them from overwatering them, but most of them were still alive in the end! Phew! LOCNeighborP said she did not mind if some of the plants died and I was very thankful for that. Dx;;; I even saw some little grasshoppers and a medium sized grasshopper hopping from the plants when I was watering them and I even got to hold the medium sized one! It was so cute! ^ _ ^

Reading a lot

So I have been reading a lot. Not a lot of Japanese comics, or manga, you could say, but regular print books. Because believe it or not, I do get tired of reading manga all of the time. This lady needs a break from it sometimes! So I have been reading the news and even articles about science! But I have also been tackling a new book called, ‘Stuff White People Like’. The book is based on an old blog that is sadly not updated anymore, but a lot of the content in it is still relevent! Some of the content is outdated as well because technology and things have changed since the early 2010’s, but it’s still a great read if you are a white person that likes to laugh at yourself!

Exercising Again

Yes, I am exercising again! I have discovered the perfect time to go exercising in the evening after 100+ degree weather days and I have been back at it! Unfortunately, I have gained back 4 pounds and I feel like a blimp. πŸ˜₯ I don’t look bad, but I do know when I have to start reigning things in again. I’m just hoping I can drop the weight again, but things have been slow going for me. 😦

And besides getting ready for our big move, I have not been up too much I’m afraid, haha. This is what happens when you have a boring life and have nothing to do in a town for people my age. All those young people moving here for that Bethel Cult must be very bored during the weekends, haha. πŸ˜›

LOCKitty Amelia got shaved!

And since I am not up to anything much these days, at least LOCKitty Amelia’s life has been lively! Well, she has been sleeping mostly because of the weather maybe or because she is getting older, but just recently, LOCKitty got shaved! LOCMom was tired of having hair all over the house and even in our fooooood… So, she had her shaved!

Here is a before pic…


And here is an after!


Yes, her furry coat (which was her pride and joy) has been shaved off! However she looks so cute now! I think she is over it, but she has been sleeping much more lately probably because it has been getting so hot.

I have also been taking pictures of LOCKitty Amelia and I now present to you… My pic dump of her! πŸ˜€

Yes, she literally climbed into the pillow case just to chill out under the pillow. Not even kidding. I totally found her like this and had snap a pic! xDΒ 


Tired LOCKitty…


Another instance I found of her sleeping under one of my pillows! She is too funny! πŸ˜€ I know, this picture looks totally set up, but I promise you this is how I found her! O _OΒ 


And what is really funny about this pic is because I moved her on her back before taking it and she just stayed like this. πŸ˜› She was so relaxed, haha. πŸ™‚Β 


So yes, I know LOCKitty Amelia needed her own blog post for these pics, but I decided to share them in this one! Isn’t she so funny? Calicos are really fun like that. πŸ™‚


So yes, things have been pretty calm around here. Besides are impending big move, I have just been hanging out lately. I’m enjoying my free schedule a lot and hope to keep it free as July ticks by! πŸ˜€

What have you been up to?

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