(Late) June 2018 Budget Check-In!

Hey everybody! It is finally here, but a bit late! It is time for the June 2018 Budget Check-In! June was a particularly very blessed month for me financial because some formula from Social Security made me have a bigger payout than what I usually get. They told me to enjoy it and so I did! Come and see how I spent my money in June 2018! 😀

Rent/Monthly Bills: $500.00

This is the minimum amount that I am required to pay. It all goes toward rent and household bills. 🙂

Medication: $3.70

Medication payment for one of my meds! I think LOCMom took care of my other meds, so thank you, LOCMom! 😀

Groceries: $103.26

Well, groceries are a little higher this month. It’s mainly because of my sparkling water habit and from buying good quality almond milk. Those were my two highest categories on my grocery category this month. I don’t mind though since both things get drank quickly and nothing is wasted. 🙂

Household Expenses: $219.25

This category is particularly large this month because I bought a lot of stuff I needed and I’m not going to lie… also wanted. 🙂 Things like 4 exercise shorts, a duvet cover, a new night stand (found at a garage sale), Tums in bulk, and bulk size toothbrushes were on the need and want list. But mostly on the need list. June was kind to me and I am very thankful. ❤

Misc. Items: $102.06

Lots of misc. stuff, some I even had to give away back to the thrift store because of our big move. 😥 Just stuff I wanted now that I look it over again. But a lot of that stuff I do plan on enjoying again after our move. 😀

Entertainment: $44.07

Went over this category by 4 bucks, but I decided to spend a little more in this categor since I had some extra scratch in June. 🙂 Everything was appreciated. ❤

Eating Out: $65.01

Okay, I am WAAAAAY over budget in this category, but I could afford it last month at least. Spent around 18 bucks on a crappy pizza at a tourist trap restaurant in my town and I was so mad about the quality of food I got for around 20 bucks. Grrrrrr. The rest of the food I did buy I really liked though, but I am toning it down basically in July. 🙂

Budgeted Items – $117.93

Yeeeeeees, I had a ball at Costco in June. Got to buy extra things I am always eating. 🙂 Also bought some Father’s Day cards this month at Dollar Tree, but since things were so hectic in June and are a little more hectic in July now, I didn’t get the chance to send them all off. 😥 Next year though for sure! 😀

Let see what the grand total is…

*drum roll*

Grand Total: $1155.28

WOW! I sometimes ask myself where all of my money goes and then I look at my budget and say, “Oh… THAT AND THAT AND THAT… > _>”. But hey, it was a windfall month for me and I enjoyed the extra money I was blessed with. ^ _^ Wish I always had that much money to spend each month. Things would be easier for sure. 🙂

How was your budget in June 2018?

4 thoughts on “(Late) June 2018 Budget Check-In!

    1. I use an Excel speadsheet online to track all of my spending, but for apps and services to use besides using an Excel spreadsheet would be You Need A Budget, Personal Capital, Mint, and Dave Ramsey’s App, Every Dollar. Those are the only four I know about and I think they are all free. 🙂

      But if you don’t want to sign up for anything, doing an Excel spreadsheet online also works! For issues I had with the program, I just went on YouTube and learned how to work those problems out by watching troubleshooting videos. 😀

      Hope this helps you! ^ _^


  1. The extra money sounds great! Are you allowed to save it if you want, or do you have to spend it? I remember you wrote previously that SS has strict rules about how much you can have in savings, but weren’t they supposed to relax those rules a little bit? Good luck with the move! I don’t like to pack, but for some reason I don’t mind unpacking. 😄


    1. *sigh* Sadly, you cannot have over $2000 on SSI at any time which is just awful because it keeps people who are disabled like myself in poverty. 😥 For retirees, I’m not sure about the rules, but the $2000 limit does not apply to them. If they were going to relax the rules, I would have heard something about it on the news since that would be a form of expanding Social Security. : / Which has yet to have happened since the 70’s-80’s. 😥 I hope Social Security will be expanded in the future though because disabled people and some retirees rely on Social Security for all of their income and we cannot live independently on what Social Security gives us now alone. Also, current retirees that don’t rely on SS for all of their income could also use the extra support since everything is just so expensive now. 😦 But that is just a brief overview of the Social Security situation currently though. 🙂

      And thank you! LOCMom and I are looking forwad to our move! I plan on having a lot of fun at our new home! ^ _^


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