A Breif Weekend Update + An IMPORTANT LOC Blog Annoucement!

Hey everybody! I hope everyone had a fun weekend! I won’t be able to get too much into my weekend in this Weekend Update because of our big move happening this week, but I will give everyone a brief overview on how my weekend went!

(Breif) Weekend Update

On Saturday, LOCSister and I went with LOCFather’s side of the family to LOCNephewT’s and LOCNephewB’s birthday party! I got each of them a HUGE Costco bag of Parate’s Booty (crispy corn chips that are salty and cheesy 🙂 ) and at the end of the day, the bag was eaten up by family including my nephews (which there are 3 of 😀 )and my nephews’ friends. 😀 Not a bad gift if I do say so myself!

I also got bitten up by misquitos outside of their home. Ya’ll… It is a MOSQUITO BREEDING HEAVEN out there. Surrounded by rice fields filled with water for acres and acres out in the countryside with the field’s farmers never spraying for mosquito larva and you have a perfect mosquito breeding paradise and 8498358356 mosquitoes! O ______O These mosquitos are so bad that they even bite you during the day and EVEN BITE YOU INSIDE YOUR SHOES since they all hang out in the bushes, in dark places, and anywhere where it is moist and damp at all. I’m currently all bit up from them. 😥 And after the party, there was a mosquito in LOCSister’s and LOCBILM’s truck! 😡 Bit up my feet on the way back home. > _< Gawd….. What a nightmare. :C Not the party which was very fun :D, but the mosquitos… 😥

And on Sunday, I think I shopped. Can’t remember unfortunately since I didn’t write the day down. 😦 But besides that, it was a very fun weekend! 😀


If you have been following my blog posts talking about my big move, well, we are going to be moving soon! I am very excited to be moving to an area in California where there will be more for young people to do and to be able to use their local ROCK STAR library’s collection of books for all of my reading needs instead of buying books all of the time. Dx Looking forward to it!

But alas, because we will be moving next week and I will have to be getting ready for the big move, I will not be able to update Living on Cents while we are in the process of moving. Things will get very busy for me and I will have to put my desktop computer away which is the only device I have that is effective enough for me to able to write my blog posts on. I am estimating it should be about 1-2 weeks until I am able to come back and blog again regularly because our new apartment has to be hooked up with wi-fi in order for me to have access to the internet on my iMac.

With saying this, I am very sorry for the short hiatus I will have to take from the blog and as soon as I get settled into our new home, I will try and hook up my computer ASAP to wi-fi and update the blog again saying that I am back! 😀 I will update everyone on how our big move is going and let everyone know how things are working out. ^ _^ Hopefully by then, I can start blogging again regularly because LOCMom and I are basically just hanging out in our current home waiting to move our things to our new home. Doesn’t even feel like a home that much anymore to be honest, but I am looking forward to creating a home-y environment in our new place! 😀

Goodbye for now everybody and I shall return as soon as I can! I can tell you that I cannot live without the internet basically, so I am going to make sure my iMac will be hooked up to the wi-fi in our new home ASAP! > _<;;; I do have a tablet that I use the internet on, but I don’t like using it to blog on since I am so limited on it. 😦

Also, thank you to my recent subscribers for subscribing to my blog and I am very sorry I have to leave you hanging on such short notice. Like I said, I hope to be back to blogging soon ASAP and I hope everyone will look forward to my next update about our big move!

Until that day comes, see everyone soon! 😀

8 thoughts on “A Breif Weekend Update + An IMPORTANT LOC Blog Annoucement!

    1. Thank you, Bobi! I can’t live without my desktop computer basically and subsist off of my iPad always, so I will get my desktop computer set up ASAP so I will be able to type up blog posts again and let everyone know how the move went! ^ _^


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