Huh… I wonder what else the kids are killing these days?

Hey everybody! Things have been busy around here, but I managed to get another post up, haha. πŸ˜€

This blog post is going to talk about what Generation Z (kids born between 1995-2010, imo, but it varies between sources) and what industries they have decided to deem “dying”. πŸ˜› And as a millennial, I will chime in with what I think about these kids’ decisions to kill these industries off! My last posts about Generation Z “killing” stuff can be viewed here Β (Part 1) and here (Part 2) if anyone is interested in taking a gander at them. πŸ™‚

Let’s get started!

So we are going to be discussing the industries in this Bloomberg article. And if you can’t read the article because you used up all of your free news stories on Bloomberg, I will just be listing the categories it talks about Gen Z is killing below. πŸ™‚


Ahhh, yes malls. A building full of consumerism! And… the kids seem to hate them these days. According to the article, with all of the kids’ shopping online and not bothering to ask sale associates for help when trying to find things, they seem to like doing things themselves. Independence, I say!

Well, in my opinion, I will not be missing malls. The new town that I live in does not have a mall and honestly, all malls are good for these days are for walking in for exercise because air conditioning and heating. πŸ˜› Many a mall are already dying, dead, or are going to die in the near future anyway because numerous stores are declaring bankruptcy. With Mattress Firm being the latest one.Β Malls happen to be dying because of one or two reasons, or maybe even both:

  1. People are going online to shopping websites like Amazon to get the stuff they want now.
  2. Because of stagnant wages in the United States’ economy, people are shopping less thus making these stores going under and the companies being effected having no choice but to close more of their stores to stay profitable.

Could be either, could be both. : |

Anyway… Malls? Won’t be missing them if all people ever do is spend money at department stores in them. Gen Z has got the right idea!

Print Magazines

YES. Good job Gen Z! These need to go. πŸ™‚

The only thing magazines are good for are for reading in a doctor’s office which is not exactly good reading material in the first place, imo. : / And do ya’ll know why I hate magazines so much and think they suck? Well, what I hate about magazines, cable TV, movie theaters and anything that has instances where the main content of something I am consuming is interrupted by… wait for it… COMMERCIALS. COMMERCIALS! Why would I want to read something that every other page has an ad for a product I don’t care about? I mean, when I went to my new doctor this week dealing with one of my mental disorders, instead of picking up a magazine, I picked up one of the doctor’s neurology books and read that instead. Far my interesting than reading fluff articles in a magazine and you also learn something to boot!

Now I don’t know how Generation Z feels about reading nonfiction books in a doctor’s office, but I do know they probably won’t be picking up magazines to read. Honestly, I think they would probably be glued to their phones the whole time doing whatever on the internet or in a gaming app. Cause everyone, I have seen Generation Z in action with their technology. And no offence to Generation Z, but it seems like they are ADDICTED to their screens or maybe even the video games they play. But alas, I must admit I cannot talk and I was also the same way as a teenager. I played Runescape, read manga til’ 5:00AM in the morning, stayed up chatting with strangers on some animal website, and even played a pixel dolly RPG on a website I still go on to this day, minus the RPG playing. The other stuff besides the manga reading I have left behind in my past. I find video games to not be a valuable use of time if you just play them all day for fictional rewards and dopamine hits in place of what one could be doing irl instead. For me, like spending time on the internet reading things I find interesting. I must admit that is probably not any better use of time compared to Gen Z playing video games all day and night, but at least I have the ability to get up from the internet and walk away anytime I want and not until I finish level 5 in a video game or having to go ‘AFK’ for a bit and then come back and complete level 5 because you have to in order to save the game, haha. πŸ˜›

Well anyway, MAGAZINES. Yes, I am happy Generation Z is going to be killing this industry off for good. Doctors’ offices would be better off stuffing their waiting rooms with books instead, fictional or nonfictional. No commercials in those! πŸ˜€


AKA Braindamage ball. > _<;;; For my readers not in the United States, I am talking about the game with the brown almond shaped ball, not the Football where we Americans refer to as ‘Soccer’. American Football is not even a healthy game to play from what I have read about it. It’s actually quite dangerous for one’s brain! Although, I am not sure what kind of damage soccer players are doing to their brains whenever they headbutt a soccer ball off their foreheads either from a soccer ball going down quickly atΒ a player in the air…

But anyway, AMERICAN FOOTBALL. Apparently Gen Z does not like watching this game. And what a coincidence! Neither do I! Folks, I have honestly tried to get into football. I really did. Every time I tried to be “totally into it”, the moment where I watched any game just fades from memory. The only times I tried to get into football though is when Super Bowl game #78983268 came on TV and guys, I reeaaaally tried to have fun watching it, but looking back, the whole thing was lost on me. It would probably help if I read the rules, but I didn’t. Trying to be “cool” by forcing yourself to watch football and is not worth it if you are not into it in the first place so I have learned. So I am over it. C: Whenever the Super Bowl comes on each year, I specifically watch the Super Bowl for the half time show only. Forget the football, forget the commercials. The half time show is where it’s at! Hmm… I wonder how the kids these days feel about half time shows at Super Bowl games? If you are a Generation Z reader, let me know in the comments! πŸ˜€Β 

So I will not mind football dying out. Any game that damages players brains in the long run is NEVER a good sport to play for a living. And because I don’t watch cable TV either, I never even get to see football games anymore anyway. πŸ˜› If the NFL (National Football League) were smart, they would launch a subscription service app where people could pay a one-time fee where they could watch all of the football games they want live for one season including the Super Bowl and CASH OUT man. It would definitely be a seasonal app only, but man, would they rank in the dough if they were to do this. But alas, if they required a cable subscription to access the content on the app, their efforts would be fruitless. Wishing an app would come out like this for the Olympics as well because LISTEN NBC, THIS MILLENNIAL WOULD PAY UP. But will NBC and the NFL do this for their sports’ content? Probably not. : | I mean, that would be the smart thing to do because of ever decreasing ratings for each sports category and with both entities clinging to their cable TV content, I’m not convinced they will be doing this anytime soon sadly which a real damn shame.


So Generation Z doesn’t like paying with paper money which I understand completely. These days, I just whip out my debit card for all of my purchases. Easy. And checks? Forget about it. But alas! According to the article, Gen Z hates paying with cards as well! It’s all about the smartphone baby. And I have been thinking about doing the whole smartphone thing just to try it. I think I may love it, but I just have to get things set up first. πŸ™‚

As a person who HAAAAATES seeing my bank account balance get lower, I try to not do any cash back options in a grocery store as much as possible. Being on SSI, the frugal and penny pinching gene in me is strong and I always hate seeing my bank account balance get lower and lower. 😦 I think anyone does to be honest, haha. So using paper cash to pay for stuff is really off my radar unless I have to. I just find a debit card more convenient is all. πŸ™‚


So Generation Z, I tip my imaginary hat on my head to all of you! You kids seem to know what’s up and I can’t wait to see you guys grow up! I really hope all of you really stick it to those useless industries that are dying because they are not staying relevent on purpose and I hope the world will get better for all of you by the time you start adultin’! The kids will be alright!

Do you agree with the industries Generation Z is killing? Do you feel theΒ sameΒ way about them as Gen Z?

6 thoughts on “Huh… I wonder what else the kids are killing these days?

  1. I respectively disagree with your viewpoints. Once magazine’s are gone, books will be next. The simpler times of written letters and thank you notes have all but disappeared. People will become illiterate with technology taking over everything. As for shopping, this will encourage lack of socialization. People will be happy alone which can extinguish relationships and caring of others. Truthfully, I hope I am taken to Heaven before all this negative comes to pass. Just my opinion.


    1. I agree about writing cards and letters to others. πŸ™‚ I always try to keep that tradition alive in my life. πŸ˜€

      Haha, it seems that technology has been taking over for a while now. πŸ˜› In 5 years time, I truly believe the world is going to change for the better and also for the worst from what I have been reading about technology trends. I am not sure how old you are, but if you are young enough and stay in good health in the next 5 years, I believe you will start to see the change in technology in the years to come. It will be scary for sure, but also very exciting as well! πŸ˜€


  2. I agree about malls (great places for temp controlled walking, like you said!) and magazines (waste of paper and trees!) but I’m on the fence about football and cash. I occasionally watch football and like discussing it with friends and there are some things that are difficult without cash, things like buying lemonade from a little kid or donating money to certain charities. If a system is developed for things like this, I think I’ll be all in, but in the meantime, I still need cash or a check (which I really do hate, but seriously, there are still some places that don’t take credit!) for some things I find important.


    1. Lol, I guess the kids selling lemonade will have to get a debit card/mobile pay machine for their lemonade stands, haha. Probably connected to their parents’ bank accounts or something. πŸ˜›

      I understand that even though Football has its health risks, that many people still enjoy watching it. πŸ™‚ Just not me though. xD;;; The NFL really needs to make a streaming app for the current footall season and Super Bowl and maybe even have an archive in their app for past Football games going waaaaaay back! Wouldn’t that be fun? πŸ˜€ A young women can dream, can’t they? πŸ™‚


    1. Hahaha, well I must admit I have not bought mayonaise in FOREVER. So I am maaaaaybe apart of the problem. πŸ˜› LOCMom usually keeps a tub of it on hand for whatever, but I did not buy our current tub of mayonnaise. πŸ™‚

      As a millennial who exercises and tries to stay away from unhealthy foods because sugar, unhealthy fats, and execessive amounts of salt in said foods, I don’t really touch mayonaise unless it is during a cheat day meal where I will be using it to dip my french fries in. πŸ˜› Or if I am desperate and I have ran out of salad dressing and only have mayonnaise, I will use mayo on my salads; measured out of course. πŸ˜‰ But using mayo on my salads or even consuming mayo in general is a pretty rare thing for me to do. πŸ™‚

      So yes, I am probably apart of the problem. xD Doesn’t mean I don’t like mayonnaise though; I just don’t eat the condiment very often. πŸ˜‰


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