What did I do/buy this Labor Day Weekend? (September 1-3, 2018)

Hey everybody! Happy 3-Day weekend! Hope ya’ll had a lot of fun this weekend and had some great food whatever it was! πŸ˜€ My Labor Day Weekend was pretty active and I had a lot of fun! Come and see what I did this weekend! ^ _^


On Saturday, LOCMom and I went to visit LOCAuntS in a town near us! Since we live closer to LOCAuntS now, we can visit her more often! While at her house, we decided that we would treat LOCAuntS to lunch at her home! I offered to make her my yummy avocado toast recipe and she said she was interested in trying it! I know old people probably don’t eat avocado toast such as millennials myself :P, but I bet she’ll like my avocado toast recipe!

After visiting with LOCAuntS, I went to the local Goodwill in LOCAuntS’s town and didn’t find anything. Booooooooo. 😦 But all is not lost! When I was back in Folsom, I went to Snowline’s 50% Off Everything Sale, which is on the first Saturday of every month, and bought some good stuff! I even found a Gyoza/Pot Sticker press for making pot stickers! I was meaning to make Gyoza at some point anyway because restaurants around here that sell food such as Gyoza make you pay out the nose for a few Japanese dumplings known as Gyoza. Bunch of HIGHWAY ROBBERS! > _< For the little amount of dumplings they give you, I have decided that I am going to make my own Japanese dumplings someday soon and they will be delicious darn it! > _< And I will be able to have as many as I want, haha. ;D

But at the sale at Snowline, the real gem I found was a Vera Bradley makeup bag for under 2 bucks!

SCORE! * o*

When I got the bag home, I examined it and it was slightly used, but after wiping the inside of it with a wet piece of toilet paper, it looked brand new! There was also a snagged thread on the outside of the bag and this wonderful older woman on Facebook who was an expert seamstress taught me how to fix snags! I cannot thank her enough! With her teachings, I fixed my new makeup bag and it still looks great!

I found the Vera Bradley makeup bag in Snowline at the bottom of the bathroom section hiding from all of the older thrifters’ views, so that is probaly why it was still there, haha. xD You betcha’ I snapped that thing up SO FAST and hid it in basket under my t-shirts that I was buying to stick up for the winter time. Didn’t want wandering thrifters’ eyes looking at it and swiping it from my basket possibly. > _> I’ve read horror stories in thrift stores about peoples’ thrifted stuff and I was not about to take any chances. V _v So the bag came home with me! πŸ˜€

After learning how to fix snags, I was all fired up to fix my new peacoat I bought at Goodwill on an earlier date for 10 bucks! Yup, you read that right! 10 bucks! ^ u^ Who says you need to pay out the nose for a peacoat? Well anyway, my new peacoat needs it’s buttons reinforced back on the coat and a few snags and strands fixed to make the coat look in good condition again which is something I can easily do, but it just takes a lot of time… T _T You would be amazed how fast time flies when sewing a button or just when sewing in general, haha. πŸ˜€ It’s a current project I am working on and I hope to have my new-ish peacoat ready to wear by winter time! ^ _^

Money Spent on Saturday

  • Snowline 50% Off Day Purchase (9 items) – $13.00

Total Amount Spent: $13.00


On Sunday, I went to Kohl’s and bought a Levi’s t-shirt that was in the clearance section and a necklace also in the clearance section all for 11 bucks! The most expensive thing was the Levi’s t-shirt since it was from a well known brand, but it looked so cute on me in the dressing room that I decided to buy it! As a frugal person, I do not buy my clothes unless they are in the clearence section or from a thrift store. πŸ™‚ Pants and undergarments are the ONLY things I will ever buy new because sometimes you just have to buy new stuff like that at retail prices. 😦 Booooooooo… :C LOCMom also offered to buy me something, so I picked out 4 shirts from the Kohl’s clearence section that were 4 dollars each! Cheaper than Goodwill! SCORE! πŸ˜€ These days, I just look at clothing just to clothe me instead of trying to look like a frugal fashionista all of the time wearing clothing that requires hand washing… . ______. As long as the clothes look decent on me and do not have any holes in their fabric, visible stains, or make me look like a potato sack, I will wear them! πŸ˜€

Also I was not at Kohl’s on Sunday when I snapped this pic, but I thought this shirt was absolutely hilarious! It was such a throwback to my childhood and if it didn’t look like a dress on me when I tried it on, I would have bought it anyway even though it was from theΒ boy’s section. How comes all of the guys have a nerdy shirt section and us girls don’t at Kohl’s? It’s not fair. Booooooooo. πŸ˜₯

I never made to Oregon in this game… xD

After Kohl’s, I went home and did chores around the house. I also fixed up an older European fairy tale book I found at Snowline since the pages were coming off the lining that held them together. Let me tell ya’ll, it took A LOT of tape and glue from my glue gun… @ _@

Money Spent on Sunday

  • Levi’s T-Shirt – $7.35
  • Necklace – $3.00

Total Amount spent: $10.35

Monday (Labor Day!)

It was labor on Monday and that means Goodwill was having their 50% Off everything sale today! ^ o^ You betcha’ I didn’t miss that one! I went to the Goodwill in Placerville/Diamond Springs, CA and found many a long-sleeved shirt there for the upcoming winter time! Best time to stock up since shirts at Goodwill during their sale were between $2.50-$3.00 each! ^ o^

Check out my haul!

gw haul 50
All under 20 dollars! ^ o^

Not bad if I do say so myself! Pretty much stocked up for the winter time, but I will definetely be buying a few more tops for winter if I ever come across clothing on sale at any thrift stores or regular stores! ^ _^

Later in the evening, LOCMom bought Round Table Pizza for dinner and… Let’s just say I would not visit this particular Round Table again. There was no sauce on LOCMom’s pizza even though she requested light sauce and there was sauce on my pizza, but barely any. > _> Plus, at this particular Round Table we were at, it was very noisy, had the worst eating atmosphere ever (think your typical grade school cafeteria set up), and there were two teenagers who were boyfriend and girlfriend sitting in the corner at a table by the door acting… well… not appropriately for a family restaurant atmosphere. : | I was so annoyed and swore I would never go back to that location. I was so happy that we took our pizza home to eat it that day. The pizza was still good as always despite the sauce problem, but yeah, my experience was terrible. 😦

But for dessert, I had bought a box of Magnum Bars just for Labor Day and I had one! OH MY GOSH, it was sooooooo good! The ULTAMATE! * O* So worth it. ❀

Money Spent on Labor Day (Special Addition Mini Spending Log! :D)

  • Clothing (7 pieces) – $17.00
  • Brown Traveling Wallet (for traveling! πŸ˜€ ) – $2.10
  • New Mouse Pad (mine needed replacing… :C) – $0.60

Total Amount Spent: $20.20

$5 Friday Haul

So on Friday as of last week, I went to Safeway and bought a package of sushi and an ENTIRE cheesecake for 5 bucks each! πŸ˜€

Mmmmm… Cheap sushi! ^ o^

As usual, the food was really yummy! I always enjoy picking up a box of sushi for 5 dollars every Friday since it retails for 7-8 dollars each usually at Safeway during the week. Nice little discount. πŸ™‚ Also bought the Magnum bars while I was there and I’m not going to be having them a whole lot, haha. xD;;;

Since I was NOT going to eat that whole cheesecake in one sitting, I split the pieces up individually and froze them all for snacking on later! ^ _^


And that was my Labor Day Weekend! I had a lot of fun this weekend and I hope everyone else did as well! πŸ˜€

How was your Labor Day Weekend?

2 thoughts on “What did I do/buy this Labor Day Weekend? (September 1-3, 2018)

  1. That cheesecake looks delish! What a deal for $5!πŸ‘ I was at a local mall over the weekend and it has areas where there are leather sofas and huge chairs. We walked past this area and there was a couple acting like your pizza shop couple, very inappropriately for a mall…she was like on top of him. It was sort of shocking and everyone was staring! Very uncomfortable situation, especially for people with kids. Why do people think it’s ok to act this way in public?😱


    1. Oh my god, that is awful! T _T Yes, the two teenagers I saw were acting just like that except the girl was laying on top of the guy with her back on him! And this was at table with chairs in the restuarant and not at a booth. Ugggh, why… Dx I should note that the Round Table Pizza restaurant I went to was popular with the teenagers who go to it from the high school nearby, so there were a lot of young teenagers in the restaurant acting like, well, teenagers. :/ Because of the younger crowds that always seem to eat there after hours from the high school and the inappropriate teenage couple, I will probably not eat at that location again. 😦

      But hey, at least the pizza I had at the restaurant was still good, so I will give the pizza restaurant that. πŸ˜‰


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