Go out and VOTE on November 6, 2018

Hey, everybody! I am planning on putting up a Weekend Update this week, but I did type up this blog post beforehand and it is just a little public service announcement for my United States readers about Election Day next week. I know this blog is not a political blog, but as a person who cares about the United States so much and is a citizen of the country, I just had to say something. Please skip this post or disregard it if you do not wish to read it. Anyway, read and enjoy, everyone! 😀


Hey, everybody! For all of my readers located in the United States, I have somewhat of a public service announcement that I wish to write today.


I know my blog is not about politics, so I’m not going to tell you who to vote for. All I want you do is go out and JUST VOTE. This election is too important not to miss this time around and you would be crazy not to cast your vote in this particular election.

For too long, our current politicians who control the House and the Senate have done NOTHING but close their ears and hum away whether there is yet another mass shooting, locking more innocent immigrant children and adults in cages for just seeking asylum in the United States, licking the boots of the lobbyists of – insert whatever corporation hurting our country’s people and environment here -, and are CONSTANTLY trying cut and take away our Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. It seems like each day that this country and even countries around the world are getting more hateful toward their fellow person who happens to not be the majority in – insert country here – and they take their anger out on these poor people who did nothing wrong to the majority of people who are pointing fingers at them with blame and electing fascist-like leaders in the process (see Brazil’s election most recently). It absolutely disgusts me that this is what the world and the people of our world are coming to these days. After all, a democracy is easily destroyed by voting for “strong man” leaders that say they will fix a country’s problems, but instead destroy the lives of the people who voted for said strong man in it along with the souls who voted against them.

In the United States, we have already followed the same path as Brazil’s election and yes I am going to talk about our current president and his administration now. Trump and his administration, promising to bring back those manufacturing jobs and “Make America Great Again” (or his followers’ favorite acronym for it, ‘MAGA’), have yet to have done this. Where are these great paying factory jobs Trump promised to bring back? I keep looking and I cannot find them being praised anywhere on the internet. Surely a successful man that claims he would bring back these jobs would not hide them from his fans or the public in general. Why would he want to keep them a secret if these jobs are the key to Making America Great Again? But yet, here we are. Or maybe, just maybe… Trump didn’t bring these jobs back. Because these jobs simply do not exist anymore and are never coming back. EVER. A person like our president can claim that you can bring these jobs back, but after two years of nothing to show for your promise of bring said jobs back, one may as well throw in the towel. But yet here are his fans still hoping he will bring these jobs back and sadly, they will be forever waiting for those roosters who will never come home to roost.

We also have a president and the ilk politicians who love him that do not care about the poor in this country. I mean, these politicians control the House and the Senate and may as well be in cahoots with the presidency by not being concerned about where this country’s leadership is currently taking us. I’m more than convinced at this point. : / Honestly, if these politicians currently in power even cared about the poor, wouldn’t they have fixed the poor’s problems by now? And I am one of these poor citizens. Wouldn’t these politicians currently in power have worked with the other side and expanded Social Security so people like me wouldn’t have to live in forced poverty and can’t even save for retirement? Wouldn’t they have increased the amount of food stamp money a poor family gets each month to buy groceries? Wouldn’t more affordable housing be built by now for those being kicked out of their homes who cannot afford to pay their mortgages or rent? Wouldn’t more homeless shelters be built? What the heck happened with healthcare in this country? Wouldn’t we have free healthcare just like the rest if the world at this point?  Why? Why? WHY? WHAT HAPPENED?!!

Instead we have the current people in power like Mitch McConnell saying if his political party stays in power after the elections that they will be trying to cut Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid again. We will all have to call in again to our congressman and senators to fight against the evil perpetrators like Mitch McConnell and his loyal henchmen that try to take away all of these Safety Nets programs that keeps people on SSI like me and the elderly out of poverty. They pull this stunt time and time again and after we call all of our political leaders and tell them to vote NO to the atrocities Mitch McConnell and his flunkies try to pull off and do, they then fail miserably. Thank goodness. BUT THEY DON’T GIVE UP. That’s what’s really crazy. They pull this crap again and again and after we all call in to all of our senators, the Safety Net cutting gets dropped again. And again and again and again.

I could go on all about this forever, but I won’t. If you read this far and I will bold it just to catch anyone’s attention I have lost at this point, PLEASE GOT OUT AND VOTE ON NOVEMBER 6, 2018. We cannot afford to keep the madness that is currently happening dealing with this country’s leadership and the politicians in our Congress and Senate who enable it any longer. I am tired of our current politicians always trying to cut our Social Security and other Safety Net programs so they can spit on the poor even further and give their millionaire and billionaire friends they are beholden to more tax breaks and even more money in some way or another. It makes me sick and IT NEEDS TO END.

To all of my United States readers, please go out and vote on November 6, 2018. Please do your civic duty and GO VOTE. If you are a woman, please go out and vote this election because all of the women who fought and died for your right to vote didn’t die for your voice to remain silent all of your life in our country’s political process. They fought and died for your voice to be heard so you can have a say who runs this country. Please do not let all that they fought for be in vain.

Whether if you are a man or a woman, if you care about Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, VOTE. If you care about people getting food stamps so their family can eat, VOTE. If you care about people having a roof over their heads thanks to affordable housing, VOTE. If you are tired of gun violence being ignored in our country, VOTE. If you care about immigrants’ lives in this country, VOTE. If you care about finally having free healthcare in this country, VOTE. If you care about replacing uncaring politicians who turn a blind eye to the poor like me and to your fellow American citizen who is also poor and your fellow American citizens who are not poor, then VOTE. If you believe all Americans’ lives in the United States matter, then VOTE VOTE VOTE! The power of voting is our power and revolution to change the direction we want our country to go and how it is governed. And if you do not vote, I’m afraid you do not get to have a say of where our country goes from here during this incredibly important election. Also, you don’t get to complain. I realy don’t want to hear anoyone complain about our current leadership after Election Day when they did not even vote this Election Day.

So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, to all who are able in the United States, please got out and vote on November 6, 2018! Our country is counting on you and says thank you!

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