December 2018 Budget Check-In!

Hey everybody!

OMAAAHGAWWWD… This should have been posted during the beginning of the month, but I was feeling pretty terrible emotionally-wise, so I just never got around to it. 😥  But I will be posting it now! 😀

Starting with this month and beyond, I will be removing the ‘Budgeted Items’ category off the budget report since I am using my debit card full blast instead of taking bills out individually and using the Envelope System. This has been a recent change for me since I have figured out how to wire money to LOCMom from my online bank account. 🙂 I will also be putting my Costco food items in the “Groceries” category from now on as well because of this recent change. ^ _^

But anyway, let’s get started! Come and see what I spent last December! ^ _^

Rent/Bills: $500.00

$500 for bills and rent. I’m required to pay this much every month.

Activities: $0.00

I’m in the clear here! 😀

Groceries: $119.64

I think that this amount is really good! What really shot up my expenses was that I bought around 31 Quest Bars all at once because Sprouts was having a deal on them: 4 Quest Bars for $5.00! 8D

Normally, I have seen 4 Quest Bars in a single box go for $8.00 a pop at Target, so 4 for $5.00 is a screaming deal for them! But alas, after I took advantage of that deal, Sprouts had their Quest Bars marked up again for 2 for $5.00. – ____- Guess they didn’t think anyone would buy that many at once after checking who spent what money on what deals in their store last month, haha. 😛 But too bad for them because I can get 4 Quest Bars for $8.00 a box at Target across the street instead of spending my money on their Quest Bars for a ridiculous +$2.00 markup. > _>

But now that I know that 4 grams of sugar = 1 teaspoon of sugar, I’m going to be looking for a cheaper option for energy bars at Costco in February. 🙂 Can’t wait for that! Costco is basically my happy place you could say. ^ _^

Also had to buy my Propell protein powder in bulk on Amazon and my sparkling waters are always around $20 or so a month since I do drink a lot of them. I’m probably going to be trying Costco’s Kirkland sparkling water brand in February and see how I like it! I will at least be getting more for my money that way by buying it in bulk. 🙂

Household Expenses: $150.46

Ever since starting this category on my Budget Sheets, I didn’t know it could get so pricey! O _O

Some of the stuff I bought can be seen/read about below! ^ _^

2 winter hats: I saw some cheap winter gear at the Frugalpants Grocery Store, or Winco, and I just had to buy some of it! So I settled for two winter hats! 🙂 They were 5 bucks a pop, but at least the price for each hat were better than places like Target where they wants a single winter hat for like $15 each. 😡

A black down jacket: Now I know what you are thinking… “Where did Ms.LOC get the money for a new down jacket?!” Well, it turns out that Ross had a down jacket at my size and was selling it for around $32.00! I tried it on and it fit me like a glove, so I took that opportunity to purchase it! 😀 But in reality, I only paid around $18 for it since I had store credit there from returning an unused backpack earlier on. 🙂 And after checking how much other non-discount retail stores wanted for down jackets new, I was absolutely SHOCKED! O _O The tag on the jacket I bought said the jacket was $200 originally and I got it for around $18.00-ish…. Can you say SCORE?! 8D Talk about winning the down jacket lottery! ^ o^

But unfortunately, the down jacket I purchased did not have a hood on it, so I have to wear a hat over my head when I go out in the cold weather with it on. Although I am SO SO thankful I got this down jacket for the screamin’ deal that I did, I would be lying if I did not have hood envy when seeing other people wearing down jackets with hoods on them, haha. ^ _^;

Made in USA Door Rug: So I found this AWESOME Made in USA rug for the front door of the inside of our apartment at Costco! It was $15, but man was it ever awesome! The last one I bought did not absorb water at all, (see the ‘Dirt Rug’ part of blog post), but this new rug did and I absolutely love it! It pays to buy quality! 🙂

Misc. Items: $49.58

I’m happy this category is so low, haha! 😀 The “fun stuff” spending can be found in this category now that I have separated the ‘Household Expenses’ stuff/category out of it. Things bought in this category would be a few Goodwill purchases, Operation Christmas Child items (OCC Items), and a fiddle knife from a Craft Fair. 😀 The fiddle knife however was made very well, but the wood was not finished on it, so I will be making it a project one day to finish the wood on the knife when I finally buy some wood coating for it. 🙂 That way, it will not warp and crack eventually after washing it so many times! ^ _^

Entertainment: $20.65

A little high in this category this month. But then again, I think anything over or around $20 is expensive… Dx; Besides my cheap-o subscription fees to the New York Times ($4.00) and Shonen Jump ($1.99), I also paid an app a one-time fee of $1.99 that was on my iPhone (it’s an “economy model” iPhone, btw 😉 ) to get the commercials to disappear on it and I also rented a movie on iTunes for $3.99. Every Christmas, I always watch ‘Disney’s A Christmas Carol’ and it is still an awesome watch every time! 😀

Eating Out: $0.00

Well… O _O I guess I am in the clear here as well! I guess my defense for having a hard zero dollars spent on this category was that it was Christmas and I had to spend a little extra money on Xmas presents (only bought two presents) and other important things as well since I always have so much food to eat at ome anyway. It pays to buy food at Costco in bulk. 😉


And that’s it! 😀

And now the grand total comes to… *drum roll* 

Grand Total: $849.10


Woot woot! Christmas months are always hard if you are really low income unfortunately. 😦 But I lived, darn it! >:O

I will have January’s Budget Check-In out soon-ish hopefully and I am afraid it was REALLY spendy! O _O But I am hoping February will be better for me and everyone else going forward into the New Year. Dx

How was your budget in December 2018? 🙂




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