January 2019 Budget Check-In

Hey, everybody! Time for January 2019’s Budget Report! Things were incredibly spendy in January, so all of my money was spent! I’m being pretty careful this February as well, but things are spendy in February as well it seems… T _T

But anyway, come and see how all of my money was spent in January 2019!

Rent/Bills: $500.00

This amount of money I pay that goes towards rent and bills each month.

Activities: $0.00

Woot woot! In the clear agin! LOCMom is helping me pay for my haircuts now, so thank you, LOCMom! ^ _^

Groceries: $169.38

This category is higher now that I am adding Costco food I buy to it. Items featured in this category are some of my more spnedier, but needed items which consist of Quest Bars, Cuties Mandarins (Costco bulk produce), Kirkland Brand meatballs, sparkling water, and healthy snacks like Kirkland applesauce pouches and Pita Chips (Costco bulk bag).

If anyone is wondering, ‘Kirkland Brand’ anything is a Costco bulk item that I buy to get a better deal on food that will last me throughout the month from the bulk store Costco. 🙂 The food I buy is bought in bulk, so it lasts me quite a long time, or at least a month. ^ _^

However, I cannot really do Quest Bars in February and my success in finding replacements for them in Costco has been unsuccessful, so we will see what happens in March. :’C But maaaaaan, I will probably never see that 4 for $5.00 Quest Bars deal I got at Sprouts ever again. xD

Household Expenses: $153.70

Man, I thought this category would be WAAAAAY higher! But I am surprised!

I bought a lot of household items last month because many were needed and I shipped off a few packages. 🙂

Here are a few items that I bought!

Circular Cable Travel Pouches – I have always been meaning to find a great way to transport my charging cables and these little circular pouches will come in handy when traveling! They each even have a netted compartment for the plug part the cable inserts into! Pretty sweet, huh? ^ _^ Bought three of them because that was all I needed. 🙂

Black Anti-Pitpocketing Travel Bag – I have been thinking about buying one of these if I was ever at a convention or just at an event in general where there may be a chance someone would try to target my debit card, identity, or what-not, so I decided to buy a RFID Protected travel bag! And this bag was at a discount store, so this Thrift Store Golden Rule rule apply to them as well: If you see something you like in a discount store, buy it! The bag was only $8.00-ish dollars, so I went for it! 🙂 I really do like it a lot and I am happy that I bought it in the long run!

Black Card Protector Wallet – And for a little added safety, I also bought a card RFID protector wallet for my cards. This wallet is too awesome because Minimalist Me is so happy that I could kick my bulky wallet out of my purse and just replace it with a plastic card protector wallet! I now use a small makeup bag for my paper currency and metal change. ^ _^

If I decide that I will not be using my bulky wallets anymore in the future, I will probably donate them to my new place where I am going to be volunteering at! Can’t wait to get started at my new volunteer job! But I will probably keep one or two of my bulkier wallets just in case… but that decision is still up in the air for me. D:

Small Gray Shower Rug – So my large gray Costco shower rug has always kept getting dirty because the catbox is right next to it and LOCKitty Amelia is very messy when doing her business in her catbox, so my shower rug kept getting filthy with cemented cat sand! > _<; So… I had to buy a smaller shower rug at Tuesday Morning (another discount store) and so far, so good! I only had to shake my new shower rug off every now and then, and it has been very manageable so far! ^ _^

Gorilla Wood Glue – And wouldn’t you know! One of my night stand drawer knobs broke off, so I had to buy some Gorilla wood glue to fix the knob. > _< This was kind of an emergency purchase, so now in case anything wood-ish breaks around the house/apartment, I will be ready to fix it, haha. 😀

Misc. Items: $115.95

Ah yes… the Misc. Items category. Lots of Goodwill purchases here this month, and unlabeled to boot so I don’t know what I exactly bought… But I will be better about listing what I purchased from Goodwill this month so I can properly review this category. In my defense, I was feeling terrible in January on many days, so that is why I did not list everything that I purchased from Goodwill on my budget sheet. Not like Goodwill receipts help to identify items you bought at their store either… – ___- But yes, I am hoping February I will not be such a Spendypants in this category. :C Or be a Spendypants that does not list everything that they bought at Goodwill like back in January…

Entertainment: $5.99

I believe in those Goodwill purchases in the ‘Misc. Items’ category, I bought a few CDs as well to rip to my iTunes music playlist and they would go here in this category, but alas, I didn’t label my Goodwill purchases correctly in January, so I cannot remember how many CDs that I purchased… :C The number was under 10 I am sure….. But $5.99 was the grand total this month for this category; Subscription fees to The New York Times and Shonen Jump make up the grand total in this category all together. 🙂

Eating Out: $11.00

Not too bad here! I believe my most pricey expense here was $5.00 sushi from Sprouts. ^ _^ I still prefer Spendypants Grocery Store, or Safeway sushi though. 😛

Budgeted Items: $0.00

I’m in the clear for January and this category will be discontinued from now on in future Budget Reports (see first part of post). 🙂


And the grand total this month comes to…

*drum roll*

Grand Total: $956.02


See? What did I tell ya’? Spendy! O _O February is shaping up to be another spendy month as well, but I’m making things work, darn it! > _<;

How was your January 2019 Budget?

8 thoughts on “January 2019 Budget Check-In

  1. Would love to see some pics of your purchases, especially the cable travel pouches. I googled that but couldn’t find a pic. It sounds like something I could use too. 😉


    1. I was thinking about putting up pics of my purchases, but I decided against it this time around. D: But I will feature pictures next time! ^_^

      But the travel purse I bought looks and is similar to this one product on Amazon! C:



    1. Hi, Susan! I swear I have been around and have not forgotten about the blog, but I have just been feeling really stressed out lately and just starting this week, I suffered from a bad case of food poisoning I am still recovering from. :C I plan to have another blog post up soon though!

      Thank you for thinking about me though and I hope you have an awesome day today! ^ _^


      1. Sorry for the late reply! Thank you so much, Susan! The food poisoning episode was pretty bad, but I am all better now thank goodness! ^ _^


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