My Favorite Things to Buy at Dollar Tree!

Just so you know… Everybody I know who is frugal LOVES dollar stores! I mean, everything in them is a dollar! Who can say no to something you really want in a dollar store, or Dollar Tree? I know I can’t! When I see something I want, sometimes I just buy it because it’s only a buck. I mean, who can beat that? Not Amazon, that’s for sure!

But I do have my most FAVORITE things I like to buy at Dollar Tree though and I’m going to share them with you today!

Greeting Cards

Now THIS is far by my most favorite thing to buy at Dollar Tree. Greeting cards! For every holiday and occasion, you can pick up greeting cards here for 2 for $1.00 or $1.00 a card! They have both options! I always buy my holiday cards and birhday cards here for my friends and family! I could never send all of these cards out for the price I get for the, at regular department stores or grocery stores insead of Dollar Tree. You can also pick up packets of Thank You cards as well in case you have to send those out! There are also blank cards too in little packets! 🙂

So if you need a greeting card for a special occasion, Dollar Tree is the place to go! It’s the most frugal way to buy cards!

Candy Bars

So when you are at the grocery store or some kind of department store, there is always a candy rack by each register you go to. Buuuuuy soooome caaanndy… says the store. So you go and reach for the candy until… you see the price of it! Eek! 

Well, at Dollar Tree, the regular sized candy is only $0.89 a pop! Yes, you heard me right. 89 cents a pop. Now compared to other stores, that’s a screamin’ deal if you just want to buy a regular candy bar! If you want more candy for your money, that is where the bulk sections of candy in the Frugalpants Grocery Store and the bagged candy come in. 😉 But for this example, $0.89 for a full sized candy bar is a good deal! There is also a candy section at Dollar Tree where you can buy a lot more candy in small amounts for a buck! But buying candy in bulk this way is not the way to go, I find. Like I said earlier, stick with buying candy in bulk or buying the bulk bags if you want a better deal. But Dollar Tree does offer some weird for a great price though! Heck, I even saw circus peanuts in the candy section once! Woohoo! Ther’s also “movie theater” candy in little boxes as well! Can’t beat that!

Decks of Playing Cards

Why spend $3.00 for a single deck of playing cards in a store when you can buy a 2 pack of playing cards at Dollar Tree for a buck? However, these cards have the big font on them which is good for people who don’t see well. Also at my Dollar Tree now, I noticed that they also sell casino cards from real casinos if you don’t like the bold faced cards 2 packs with the big font on them. I bought a pack of those and they are great! Great way to pick up some playing cards for those fun family nights together playing whatever! 🙂


So… I must confess… I still use kid’s toothpaste. Why you ask? Well, I just can’t stand how spicy or the flavor of adult toothpaste tastes like in my mouth. It just doesn’t click with me. Same goes for mouthwash. So instead of buying those fancypants $2-$3 tubes of kids toothpaste at other stores including the Frugalpants Grocery Store, I buy about 5 tubes of sparkle fun toothpaste for a buck each at Dollar Tree! You can also buy adult toothpaste as well at Dollar Tree! And guess what? They have name brand toothpaste here! Great way to stretch your dollar further shopping for toothpaste at the dollar store! 🙂

Operation Christmas Child Supplies

Okay, I’m not going suggest you do this next category, but I enjoy participating doing Operation Christmas Child (OCC) Boxes. OCC is a part of Samaritan’s Purse which is a religious organization and charity that helps people who are victims of tragedies, war, and poverty. They have a program called Operation Christmas Child where they give out shoe boxes full of toys, hygiene supplies, school supplies, and clothes to kids aged 2-14 and the children love them! Even though I am not religious in the slightest, they do give these boxes in the name of Jesus and pray over them A TON before they reach the hands of children. But in some countries, they can’t tell the kids about Jesus or Christianity because of *insert reason here*, but the kids get the shoe boxes anyway. I don’t really care if the organization turns the kids into little Christians so as long as they get toys, hygene supplies, and clothing because these children are so poor that when they receive a shoe box, that is the first gift they have received in their lives. In their lives! Being the spoiled American that I am, I think that is pretty crazy. : (

So every time I pack a shoe box, I try to pack it extra special for each child. This year, I did seven shoe boxes, but with LOCMom’s help, we will have eight altogether! 🙂 Pretty cool if you ask me! I can’t wait to see where these boxes end up going! 🙂

The reason why I mention OCC is that Dollar Tree is a GREAT place to pack a shoe box and get supplies for them there! Now I try not to get the kids junk, so I always go for the name brand toys and things that will hold up over periods of time for the kids. Things like toothbrushes, floss, bars of soap, wash cloths, decks of cards, etc. But all name brand! 🙂 It’s a great way to stretch your money further for shoe box supplies! 🙂

Party Supplies

Ah yes, party supplies! For a buck each, you can deck out your house for parties purchasing streamers, ‘Happy Birthday’ signs, balloons, goody bags, etc. You name it, Dollar Tree has it! They even have colored party supplies, so if you want your napkins matching your plates, Dollar Tree has got you covered!

Holiday Decorations and Goodies

And if you want holiday decorations for whatever holiday is coming up, Dollar Tree will probably have it! I find so many fun holiday stuff like napkins, paper plates, plastic holiday trays, holiday stickers… Anything holiday related really! Like Christmas is coming up, so our local Dollar Tree has all of their Christmas stuff out already! Crazy, I know… But if you want something for Christmas, Easter, Halloween, etc., Dollar Tree is always my go-to place to get it!


As a person who still mails greeting cards, I like to decorate them with stickers. Notice how much those fun stickers cost in the regular stores by the greeting cards? Unreal, right? O _O Well, at Dollar Tree, all of the stickers are only a buck for a single sheet that has plenty of sticker s on them to go crazy with! Some stickers even have Disney characters or cartoon characters on them! It all depends! I only put this category here if you like stickers or like to use stickers in crafting. As for me, I love them. 🙂

Gift Wrapping Supplies

Oh my gosh, have you SEEN how much gift wrapping supplies are at Dollar Tree? Wrapping paper, colorful creative bows, gift tags – the works! Ever greeting cards. 😉 All there! Forget spending a bunch of money on gift wrapping stuff at Target or the drug stores… You want to head to Dollar Tree for all of that! Stretch your frugal dollars further folks! Your wallet will thank you and your friends and family will love you gifts just as much! 🙂

Helium Balloons

Ah yes, helium balloons! Balloons for all occasions! There’s birthday balloons, star shaped balloons of all colors to “decorate” your main balloons, baby shower balloons, congratulatory balloons… So many ballons! For example, these ballons are so popular that a Dollar Tree I went to in Napa, CA while visiting LOCAunt and LOCUncle and all of the Graduation Day balloons were put on reserve and they had run out of helium because of their popularity! Of course, this was the messiest store in the most extreme case of a Dollar Tree I have ever been in, but my point remains! Dollar Tree has great helium balloons and for a dollar each, you can build a nice little balloon bouquet for cheap compared to supermarket helium balloon prices! They even have your stereotypical party balloons in the party supply section if you want use those balloons in your balloon bouquet also. 🙂

Name Brand Air Fresheners

I have bought Renuzit and Glade air fresheners at Dollar Tree and they are just as nice as the ones in the stores! In fact, they even sell Glade air sprays as well! However, I wouldn’t trust the Dollar Tree brand air fresheners in any form since they are all made in China. You just never know what is in that stuff. : ( I don’t just buy anything from the Dollar Tree. 🙂


I haven’t taken a good look in this isle for a while, but the glassware is pretty basic, but great for getting for parties or special occasions! Especially if you order in bulk online! 🙂  I have seen wine glasses, beer mugs, and regular cups and they are all pretty nice. Of course, I like going to thrift stores like Goodwill for more variety in my glassware, but Dollar Tree is a good place to shop if you want newish and cheap glassware for your party or special occasion you are planning! 🙂

And I think that is it for my recs! Or at least, that is all I can think of that seem to be rockin’ deals! I just love my local Dollar Tree and would love for you, my readers, to take advantage of some of the deals in dollar stores like Dollar Tree as well! Now you know my dollar store secrets, haha. 🙂

What do you buy at dollar stores like Dollar Tree?