What I’ve Been Up to!(As of April 7th, 2019)

Hey, everybody! I am very sorry I have not been as active as I should have been. Lots of stuff has been going on with me, but as always, I have not have forgotten about my blog. 😥 I might just update it every other week now because of what is happening with me during my life currently. Hoping I will be feeling better soon! Thank you for everyone for being patient with me and still supporting my blog! T _T

But this post will be about what I have been up to lately! My life in general is not that exciting, but I always try to have fun when I can! 😀

I now loooooove loose leaf tea!

Yes! I have recently gotten into drinking loose leaf tea!

I recently got into tea because I need caffeine and I think coffee tastes gross. Dx But tea is something I can totally get down with!

I first started off with drinking tea in tea bags, but apparently the tea bags contain plastic in them and I got totally squicked out by that fact. x _o I know the link is about Britain not the United States, but other links have proven that this whole tea bag trend concerning bagged tea trends the same way! > _<; Plus, since switching to loose leaf tea and using my very own biodegradable tea bags I found on Amazon, I have found that loose leaf tea tastes a lot better than tea put inside plastic-ish tea bags. ^ _^

I have also recently bought some Matcha green tea from Costco and I loooove it as well! It’s always fun to have it in the morning when I wake up and get around to making it sometimes. ^ u^

A new bookshelf!

So… Someone at my apartment complex decided to dump a bookshelf by the dumpsters. For the longest time now, I have been using a bookshelf that I made out of cardboard to store my books in and I was SO SO HAPPY I came across this bookshelf since I have been wanting one for so long! So a big THANK YOU to whoever got rid of it because I happily took it and am using it now! ^ _^

It looks really great in my room I think! It is a little banged up, but nothing that a little wood glue can’t fix in the near future. 😉

Planning on Getting a New Furbaby!

So everyone, next to LOCFishy Leon, I will probably be getting a new pet soon that will be a hamster! I recently bough the glass cage for my future furbaby at a thrift store for $8.00 and I will be buying a few other supplies as well when I go to the pet store and pick up my new hamster that day! Can’t wait! ^ u^

Found a laptop in the dumpster… but it was broken. Boooooooo… :C

So recently around my apartment complex, I found a newer laptop model in the dumpster and I was wondering why such a new computer was in the dumpster. O _O; So I grabbed and took it home! I then looked for the model number on the laptop and ordered a charger for it on Amazon just to see if this computer was still in working order or not. But alas, it seems that someone had thrown it in the garbage for a reason because when I turned the laptop on, it seems that the previous owner had dropped it and the screen was incredibly damaged and in complete disrepair. 😦

But hey, as someone living on SSI and wanting a computer for travel, you can’t blame for me for trying right? D; So I am going to be returning the charger which was around 19 bucks to Amazon and be getting most of my money back after the return fee. Hey, I tried! > _<;

Expanding Taste in Sparkling Water

So this topic is kind of unsignificant, but I’m just going to mention it to take up some blog post space, haha. xD

Lately, I have been becoming a fan of Bubly Sparkling Water! es, I know the Pepsi company makes it, and I do hate all things soda, but I do love their sparkling water though, so I’m makin an exception this time around. 8D At first, I didn’t like their sparkling water at first, but because of my aunt letting me try their cherry flavor sparkling water, I really do like the brand now! I’m looking forward to trying more of the brand’s flavors in the near future a lot! ^ u^

These drinks, or my “sodas” I like to lovingly call them because they are carbonated,  I really enjoy drinking them cold! Best of all, they have zeroed out sugar and the drink is just carbonated water! Also, the drinks only having 2 ingredients which make up the “soda” also gets two thumbs up from me! 8D


So yes! That is what I have been up to so far! Like I said at the beginning of the post, I may just start updating my blog every other week now because of some personal issues going with my life at the moment. So please be patient with me everybody as I try to work things out and work on myself as well! > _<;

Have an awesome day everyone!^ o^

What have you been up to lately?