Ask a Millennial! Do I think these foods will stop existing after the Baby Boomer generation? (Part 1!)

Hey everybody! I am SO SO SORRY that my blog has been so quiet! :C I have not been feeling too well lately and had a bout of food poisoning just recently, but I have not forgotten about the blog! I have been feeling better lately, so I hope to be more active again soon-ish! ^ _^

But today’s blog post will be a very fun post! I have recently in the past found a cool link that concludes in the line of, ‘These are the Foods that Might Die with the Baby Boomers’. And after looking at the entire list as a millennial, I will have to agree that some of these foods should be sent into retirement or in a box in huge warehouse to be carted away never to be seen again. πŸ˜€

So in today’s blog post of my ‘Ask a Millennial!’ blog series, I will be going over the list provided in the featured link and tell you what I think about all of the food on the list! Let’s get started! πŸ˜€

Canned Foods

Euuughh… Can we put these foods in a well-deserved grave now? This millennial is not into canned foods that are just processed food masking as “real” food, but in a can! It does not help that most canned foods are full of salt, sugar and unhealthy fats that nobody should be eating. Like processed foods, most canned food is the same as it. Except it is in a can!

Now there are some canned foods that I do enjoy. I don’t mind buying canned veggies and beans if they are low in salt. πŸ™‚ But if I do want veggies, I basically buy them frozen these days, heat them up in a microwave or on a stove top and consume them that way. ^ _^ I would love to be able to batch cook my very own homemade beans in an Instapot, but our apartment freezer is so small that I can’t make a lot of food at once to freeze if I ever get too lazy to make dinner. :’C

So yes, most canned foods can go straight into retirement! Their services will not be needed in the future, I am afraid. πŸ˜›


Contrary to most millennials, I do enjoy fruitcake around the holidays! πŸ˜€ Except I have only had an actual GOOD fruitcake around the holiday’s thanks to LOCMom’s family passing down their awesome recipe for fruitcake! I enjoy eating it every year during the Christmas season and have no regrets!

The only thing I would change if I was the one making the fruitcake recipe would be that instead of the artificial candied fruit that goes into fruitcakes, I would just make my own candied fruit from real fruit instead and put it in my fruitcake. πŸ™‚ All natural baby! ^ o^

Jell-O Salad

Oh god… Is this still a thing? (Let me know in the comments! :D) I remember my biological grandmother made Jell-O-ish things every Christmas, but I never partook in them as a child because they grossed me out SO. MUCH. :C There was never any vegetables in the salad like those popular Jell-O salads in the 50’s-60’s, but Kid-Me found them really gross. I think I remember as a teenager actually trying one of my grandmother’s Jell-O creations and they were just okay. : / Sweet, but not the kind of sweet that one would want to eat over and over again at parties.

But I think it would be fun to experiment with making one of these dishes with homemade Jell-O and homemade ingredients! Ergo, you would have to use food coloring probably to dye homemade Jell-O to the specific color that you want, but it would be healthier-ish! πŸ˜€ I might just try that someday. ^ _^

TV Dinners

BAAAAAAARFFF!!!!! Can these things just go away already? They are taking up WAAAAY too much of the freezer sections in grocery stores, in my honest opinion. > _<

I haven’t eaten TV Dinners in YEARS, but I do remember consuming them as a young 20-something before I started eating healthier food regularly in my older 20’s. I was raised on it, so I did not know it was not healthy for me to be eating, I am afraid. πŸ˜₯ But I have since kicked the habit and try to only eat food that has mostly real ingredients in it now. ^ _^ I find that I feel better after eating real food and I do enjoy it a lot! πŸ˜€


Oh boy, I’m not sure why this stuff hasn’t died yet but here we are… > .> Apparently according to the article, we millennials hate having cereal because we don’t like to clean up afterwards. Well, this is true. I am kind of lazy in cleaning up things right away as a millennial. D: But the dishes get done eventually! 8D

But honestly, I never really eat cereal because it is just either starch or sugar or both. D: Besides Boomers themselves, I really don’t know who eats cereal anymore… ? Haha… ^ _^;


So that is it for Part 1 of this blog series! I hope you will join me for Part 2 in the near future! πŸ˜€

Does anyone else eat any of these foods anymore?