Hi, everyone! – A Short Update –

Hi everybody! I am SO SO SORRY that I haven’t been around for a while. I promise I am still here and have not forgotten about the blog! I have just been stressed out and always seem to be running out of time for whatever reason in my mind. : (

But I hope to have a blog post up this week that I have managed to type out for everyone to enjoy! I may also do a post about what I have been up to since it has been so long… O _O;;; Hoping to get a blog post or two up by this week! > _<;

This is going to be super short, so I will just leave it here for now. Thank you so much for everyone still sticking around and reading all of this time! I appreciate it very much and take very good care everyone! It’s going to be lighter now in the evenings, so I am very happy about that! ^ u^

– Ms. Living on Cents