We have a narcissist in the White House that doesn’t care if people on SNAP starve in February

Hey, everybody! I have wonderful news! I am feeling much better and I hope I will continue to feel better! It’s been hard for me for a while now, but I’m hoping this burst of energy I am feeling currently will last indefinitely! 😀

But anyway. Yeah, this blog post’s title. I will probably lose readers from the title for being the way it is, but I have grave news if I have any readers on SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) having to do with said title.

I am from the United States and I am sure everyone here is aware that the government is currently shutdown and has been since Christmas. It is affecting mostly everyone who works for the government. People who check bags at our airports, people who take care of our National Parks, Secret Service members that protect our country’s leaders and politicians, and whatever other federal workers do to keep our country going are ALL being affected by this government shutdown. And worst of all is that they are not getting paid even if they are forced to work to keep our country going.

Now onto the SNAP issue. It seems it has been reported today by the Huffington Post that SNAP will not have enough money to fund its recipients who use this program in February if the shutdown continues. According to the article, more than 38 million people in the United States receive food stamps to feed their families each month or to just feed themselves if they are single. Now imagine if these 38+ million people will not be able to feed themselves in February. What will they do and how will they survive? This is FREAKIN’ SERIOUS. I do believe many people on SSI are on SNAP as well, so how will they feed themselves when the funding for SNAP dries up in February? One can only do so much with $900 and below coming in from a monthly SSI benefit payment and that is after paying the bills.

Imagine having to live with $350 a month or lower from a under $1000-ish SSI amount or maybe even $750-ish SSI amount each month after the rent/bills have been paid whatever that may be dealing with each of our unique different living situations. That is the reality of all of us living on SSI. Now imagine to use that money to buy your food for the month along with other things that go toward your disability and other misc. stuff as well for helping you live a little easier. Because of this, there’s not a lot of meat left on the bone when the end of the month rolls around. Now imagine that reality without SNAP. Things seem to become a little grave.

The good news for Social Security recipients such as myself is that we are not going to affected.  This is good news. But it still doesn’t change the fact that this shutdown over something as STUPID and quite possibly over some freakin’ wall (that is most likely never going to be built) because our current president is RACIST against the people who live south of our border. And didn’t our narcississt-in-chief say that Mexico was going to pay for it in the first place and not American tax payers? I believe we have audio clip(s) of him saying so (go to 1:00 minute on the video in this link). But yes, we have a president who is named Donald J. Trump who suffers from Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Dealing with narcissists such as Donald Trump is impossible because they lack the ability to have empathy for anyone but themselves and being the unfeeling creatures, or swamp creature, such as Donald Trump and people like his ilk are, they do not care about the feelings of others around them and they are never sorry for any cruel acts that they do. They are beyond redemption and “saving” for they are people who do not wish for redemption and cannot or simply do not wish to ever be saved. If they wish for redemption or to even be “saved”, they must save their lives themselves. No sane or “normal” person will be able to help them with that task. That is the sad and honest truth for those that suffer from Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

So if our president does not care about the undocumented immigrants he puts in cages just trying to come to United States for a better life or even his numerous administration’s staff members that have left his administration because of the toxicity of working in a narcissistic workplace, do you think our president will even care about the millions upon millions of people starving starting in February because they cannot feed themselves or their families because they will not be recieving any more SNAP benefits? I highly doubt it. For swamp creatures/narcissists like Donald J. Trump only care about one thing and that is themselves.

But to everyone on SNAP that may not be able to feed themselves or their families in February: I am so very sorry. I am sorry we have an uncaring president that does not care about you or your families. Just know and remember that there are so many people that care about you including me that want you to live happy lives and to always be able to provide for yourselves and your families. Know that you are loved and are never forgotten. We think about you all of the time and we wish all of the best for you all throughout your lives. ❤ 

Now to conclude, this alarming headline abour millions of people losing their SNAP benefits in February just came out today and there has yet to be a response from Trump or anyone in his administration as of yet. I probably will not keep to close of an eye on this beyond this blog post because my blog is a Frugal/Personal Finance blog after all and not a political blog, but I just had to say something about this. These kinds of things just tick me off to no end and seeing as how I am in the low LOW income bracket and live that life every day, I believe if I don’t speak about this injustice against people knowing and living the life I live each day, then no one else will. That is just how I feel. 😦

Until this the madness of this government shutdown is finally over, I wish everyone in my country all of the best and to please be kind to yourselves during these difficult times. Know that you are loved and are never forgotten.

Have a beautiful day everyone and take very good care. ❤

If Social Security ever gets expanded, here are some changes I would love to see added to it!

Hey, everybody!

Today we are going to talk about our wonderful Social Security program and a hypothetical question to go along with it: If Social Security ever gets expanded in the future, what would I like to see happen with it?

Lets’ get started! 😀

There is A LOT of things I would like to see happen with people who are on Social Security, disabled or not. Here is what I would love to see happen with it in the future!

A Raise in Pay

CAN I GET AN AMEN? Living on $700-$900 a month in the United States is NOT easy if not impossible 99% of the time. For a lot of retirees, it is easier because of their pensions they saved up during their working years. But without those pensions, retirees would be SCREWED because of how little Social Security pays retirees each month alone. I know, I know… If you collect Social Security by the age of 70, you will get about $3000 a month and some retirees on SS do. But they are NOT the majority.  And if you are disabled like myself, you cannot even have a pension because we cannot save over $2000 currently. I know things are going to be changing with ABLE accounts, but while some of us in some states are still waiting for ABLE accounts to become available (looking at you California, but at least you have an OFFICIAL launch date now 😉 ), we are kind of stuck you could say and have been for a long long time.

A raise in pay for the disabled and retirees who collect Social Security benefits every month would be a WELCOMED CHANGE. Also, scrapping the “can’t save over $2000” cap that is keeping us in forced poverty would be a wonderful thing as well. I honestly think Social Security should come up with an ACCURATE formula for each person on disability for how much one would need to live comfortably in retirement and even for the rest of their lives living on SSI and let the recipient be able to save up to that amount and live off of that money for the rest of their lives. It may be different for each individual or maybe even the same for a lot of people, but it is only right and honestly, very human. Why would we or ANYONE want our elderly and disabled people like myself to live in poverty? Or anypne living in poverty in general? If ANYONE enjoys seeing us (or anyone else for that matter) living in poverty so much, then they are monsters who are apart of the problem in this world. No excuses.

Free Public Transportation

CAN I GET ANOTHER AMEN? Even though I am disabled, I cannot stand how freakin’ poor the public transportation system is in almost every city or town in the United States. You are basically a fourth class citizen if you do not have a car to get around. I know this because I live it every day. And yes, I would take the personal public transportation offered by the bus system in my town IF IT WASN’T $5-$6 BUCKS A RIDE ONE WAY. Imagine having to go into town for doctor’s appointments or just grocery shopping each day and having to pay $6.00 a pop for a ride on one of these personal buses? Not very frugal if you ask me and paying this small amount each day would eat away at one’s SSI payments in no time or probably in the beginning of the month when one gets paid by SS again. It’s like a small tax on the disabled and retirees WHICH IS WRONG. Of course, one could take an Uber, but that costs even more, so why bother?

Not to mention that what SSI pays me each month, I cannot afford a vehicle let alone the insurance cost to insure the vehicle each month, so that is why I do not own a car. Even if I was gifted a vehicle for free, with my small budget, like I said, I couldn’t even afford the insurance on the vehicle, thus I skip out on owning a car. I honestly think autonomous cars would be a GIFT to the disabled and elderly who cannot drive. But since they will not be several commercial services for these cars for a while, free public transportation would be an absolute blessing for us. Bonus points if this free public transportation would be provided by Social Security with their own government funded buses. Wouldn’t that be cool? 😀 

Rent Paid for by Social Security

YEEEEEEES. I would absolutely LOVE to live my own, but since rent is much higher than my SSI money I receive each month, I simply cannot do this. Sure, there is HUD and low income apartments, but with such a long list going on for YEARS, it would be impossible to secure housing right away if anything happened with my current living situation. But if Social Security paid for disabled peoples’ and retirees’ rents, or hey, maybe even their mortgage payment each month (it’s a stretch, I know), things would be better for us and we would not be forced into living situations that would not be ideal for our current circumstances.

With our rent paid for us each month, we would be able to live more easily. But this would probably work better if we also had a raise in pay each month of our Social Security. See the first reason I listed. 😀 

Also Free Internet (for EVERYONE for that matter)

YES! FREE INTERNET FOR ALL! The internet should be a human right for everyone in society. I also wish electricity and water were a free public resource as well, but you guys get the picture. 😉

If Free Public Transportation doesn’t work, free driving lessons and free cars for Social Security recipients PLEASE

This can also be applied to everyone in the lower income bracket and not just Social Security recipients, but having free driving lessons and even free cars for everyone who receives Social Security would also be a welcomed change. For people on SSI and for retirees, these cars would enable us to get around more freely or help the parents who are taking care of their children or adult children who are in wheel chairs or who are blind get around easier. Social Security could also have their own low cost or free government car insurance plan SS recipients can have to help them keep their vehicle insured enabling us to be able to keep these cars always.

And with free driving lessons paid for by Social Security, there would be a chance for people on SSI to learn how to drive and possibly get off SSI with adequate transportation if they wish too. Or to, you know, just have some sort of life outside of their home or wherever we are living? Including retirees! We deserve to have a life just like normal life just like regular people even if we are retired or disabled! CAN I GET AN AMEN?


So these are the things I can think of off the top of my head that I would love to see Social Security have for its recipients like me, whether we are disabled or retired. I think a lot of the things I listed are pretty good ideas and I hope they will included as benefits for Social Security recipients in the near future! 😀

If Social Security was ever expanded, what things would you like to see added to the Social Security program?

What did I do/buy this weekend? (June 2-3, 2018)

Hey everybody! This weekend was pretty darn fun! Come and see what I did! 😀


On Saturday, LOCMom and I went garage saling and at most of the garage sales, I did not find anything, but the first garage sale we went to was a winner! At that garage sale, I managed to buy a picture frame holder for a picture I saved from a trash can in high school in case we didn’t want to hang it on the wall anymore in our new home or for just another photo in general. *shrug emoji* But the real gem was a night stand I found and bought for 10 bucks!

Check it out!


Pardon my messiness, I am kind of in the middle of making my new night stand look prettier, haha. 🙂 The only flaw with it however was the knob for the top drawer was a little lose, so I got some tools and tried my best to get the knob screwed back in place. I… sort of got it back in place, but the knob still turns when you move it a certain way. But it’s way better than it was before now! Guess I’m just going to have to live with it. Imo, 10 bucks ain’t too bad for a pine dresser like this even with a sorta’ faulty knob. 😀

Then, being as it was Saturday, I went out during the evening and had my cheat meal! I was craving some Chipotle since I didn’t want to eat any food that was too greasy and possibly gain weight, so the food at Chipotle hit the spot!


Yes, I ate most of that. 🙂 But alas, I couldn’t finish it all off because it was A LOT of food! O _O;;; After eating as much as I could, I just tossed the leftovers.

After dinner, I relaxed all night basically and read more My Hero Academia! I really want to get caught up with the current manga chapter, but there is no hurry since these series tend to go on forever. *shrug emoji* However, the series is always a very fun read! 😀

Money Spent on Saturday

  • Nightstand – $10.00
  • Wooden Frame Holder – $1.00
  • Chipotle Cheat Meal – $10.00 – $11.00 (lost receipt)

Total Amount Spent: $22.00


LOCMom and I first went shopping on Sunday and since I have been wanting a new folding event chair for a birthday present, we went to Sportsman Warehouse and looked at their chairs! Unfortunately, we struck out. 😦 My last two places I want to look now are Wal-Mart and Shopko. We also went to World Market and Bed Bath and Beyond and did a little browsing there.

The last store we visited though was my favorite… Goodwill! I checked all of my usual haunts in the store, but I managed to find some white drawer/shelf matting (see nightstand pic) and a Life Factory water bottle for only 3 bucks! Guys… These Life Factory water bottles go for $20-$25 BRAND NEW and I got mine for 3 bucks… WITH A LID! SCORE! I know, ya’ll are thinking, “EWWW, a used water bottle! Dx” However, this water bottle has a plastic lid you can wash to make it clean again and the bottle itself is dish washer safe, so a cycle through the dish water should take the old owner’s cooties off of it. 😉 I may or may not replace the lid, but I am leaning on keeping it though. 🙂 The water bottle is also made of glass and there were no cracks in it! YUS!

After shopping, we went to visit LOCCousinC and her two kids! We had a nice visit and I even got to hold their guinea pig, Buster! Oh my gosh guys… While I was petting Buster, he was SO RELAXED in my lap. He just loved to be held! He was such a little cutie. 🙂 We had a very fun time catching up with LOCCousinC and her kids and we will be seeing her again at my birthday party soon! 😀

Also, two packages from Amazon came today! One package had two shoulder strap pads in them for my impending folding event chair that I will be buying soon and the other soulder strap will be an extra for something else. 🙂  The other package was a duvet cover! Props to one of my wonderful readers for the duvet cover idea for my bed to replace my top sheet! 😀


I know, it’s not the sexiest duvet cover setup in the world, but it did work! Ironically, when I was going to use my new duvet cover the very same day, the humidity was just too warm to use a duvet cover anymore. Booooooooo. 😦 So I put it away and I basically had to use a top sheet to sleep with at night since it is always so warm in our house during the summer. 😦

And besides buying some Tums in bulk at Walgreens, I basically relaxed all evening. 🙂

Money Spent on Sunday

  • New-ish Water Bottle – $3.19
  • White Drawer/Shelf Matting – $2.19
  • Tums (Bulk Size) – $11.25

Total Amount Spent: $16.63

So all and all, a great weekend!

But I do have some exciting news to share! Because of a formula Social Security uses to calculate how much money I am suppose to get in disability every month, for June and July only, I will be receiving a bit of a raise from what I normally get! I am so stoked and so happy! With the raise I will be recieving, I will definitely be purchasing a new mattress for myself from a local mattress company that makes mattresses. I bought my current mattress from them about 5 years ago and it really needs to be replaced. 😦 I currently have padding on my bed so I don’t really feel my now wonky mattress, but having a new mattress would make a world of difference. Especially a mattress that is locally made by people who specialize in making mattresses. ❤

As for the rest of the money I will have left over, I have already spent it on a lot of things I really needed! Those needed items included the nightstand I bought at that garage sale and the duvet cover. 🙂 I also bought more healthy food at Costco than I normally do that will benefit my diet I am on and for my health in general. And many more~~~! I am just thankful and feel so blessed. I really wish that Social Security will be expanded someday and give everyone on it a raise that they truly deserve in this day and age. I wish the United States and the whole world would even get a raise! I feel that no one should ever have to live in poverty and it would be so amazing to see poverty wiped off the face of the Earth someday and not exist anymore. That is one of my dreams I hope to see happen in my lifetime. ❤

Hoping everyone had a fun weekend! 😀

How was your weekend?