We have a narcissist in the White House that doesn’t care if people on SNAP starve in February

Hey, everybody! I have wonderful news! I am feeling much better and I hope I will continue to feel better! It’s been hard for me for a while now, but I’m hoping this burst of energy I am feeling currently will last indefinitely! ūüėÄ

But anyway. Yeah, this blog post’s title. I will probably lose readers from the title for being the way it is, but I have grave news if I have any readers on SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) having to do with said title.

I am from the United States and I am sure everyone here is aware that the government is currently shutdown and has been since Christmas. It is affecting mostly everyone who works for the government. People who check bags at our airports, people who take care of our National Parks, Secret Service members that protect our country’s leaders and politicians, and whatever other federal workers do to keep our country going are ALL being affected by this government shutdown. And worst of all is that they are not getting paid even if they are forced to work to keep our country going.

Now onto the SNAP issue. It seems it has been reported today by the Huffington Post that SNAP will not have enough money to fund its recipients who use this program in February if the shutdown continues. According to the article, more than 38 million people in the United States receive food stamps to feed their families each month or to just feed themselves if they are single. Now imagine if these 38+ million people will not be able to feed themselves in February. What will they do and how will they survive? This is FREAKIN’ SERIOUS. I do believe many people on SSI are on SNAP as well, so how will they feed themselves when the funding for SNAP dries up in February? One can only do so much with $900 and below coming in from a monthly SSI benefit payment and that is after paying the bills.

Imagine having to live with $350 a month or lower from a under $1000-ish SSI amount or maybe even $750-ish SSI amount each month after the rent/bills have been paid whatever that may be dealing with each of our unique different living situations. That is the reality of all of us living on SSI. Now imagine to use that money to buy your food for the month along with other things that go toward your disability and other misc. stuff as well for helping you live a little easier. Because of this, there’s not a lot of meat left on the bone when the end of the month rolls around. Now imagine that reality without SNAP. Things seem to become a little grave.

The good news for Social Security recipients such as myself is that we are not going to affected.¬†¬†This is good news. But it still doesn’t change the fact that this shutdown over something as STUPID and quite possibly over some freakin’ wall (that is most likely never going to be built) because our current president is RACIST against the people who live south of our border. And didn’t our narcississt-in-chief say that Mexico was going to pay for it in the first place and not American tax payers? I believe we have audio clip(s) of him saying so (go to 1:00 minute on the video in this link). But yes, we have a president who is named Donald J. Trump who suffers from Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Dealing with narcissists such as Donald Trump is impossible because they lack the ability to have empathy for anyone but themselves and being the unfeeling creatures, or swamp creature, such as Donald Trump and people like his ilk are, they do not care about the feelings of others around them and they are never sorry for any cruel acts that they do. They are beyond redemption and “saving” for they are people who do not wish for redemption and cannot or simply do not wish to ever be saved. If they wish for redemption or to even be “saved”, they must save their lives themselves. No sane or “normal” person will be able to help them with that task. That is the sad and honest truth for those that suffer from Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

So if our president does not care about the undocumented immigrants he puts in cages just trying to come to United States for a better life or even his numerous administration’s staff members that have left his administration because of the toxicity of working in a narcissistic workplace, do you think our president will even care about the millions upon millions of people starving starting in February because they cannot feed themselves or their families because they will not be recieving any more SNAP benefits? I highly doubt it. For swamp creatures/narcissists like Donald J. Trump only care about one thing and that is themselves.

But to everyone on SNAP that may not be able to feed themselves or their families in February: I am so very sorry. I am sorry we have an uncaring president that does not care about you or your families. Just know and remember that there are so many people that care about you including me that want you to live happy lives and to always be able to provide for yourselves and your families. Know that you are loved and are never forgotten. We think about you all of the time and we wish all of the best for you all throughout your lives. ‚̧¬†

Now to conclude, this alarming headline abour millions of people losing their SNAP benefits in February just came out today and there has yet to be a response from Trump or anyone in his administration as of yet. I probably will not keep to close of an eye on this beyond this blog post because my blog is a Frugal/Personal Finance blog after all and not a political blog, but I just had to say something about this. These kinds of things just tick me off to no end and seeing as how I am in the low LOW income bracket and live that life every day, I believe if I don’t speak about this injustice against people knowing and living the life I live each day, then no one else will. That is just how I feel. ūüė¶

Until this the madness of this government shutdown is finally over, I wish everyone in my country all of the best and to please be kind to yourselves during these difficult times. Know that you are loved and are never forgotten.

Have a beautiful day everyone and take very good care. ‚̧

Punishing the poor – A rich person in power’s favorite past time

Hey everybody! So we’re going to take a different direction today. We’re going to be talking about the poor. You know, people who live in poverty like me that can’t have over $2000 ever. Ever. I figured that I can talk about this since I live it every day, so get ready, ya’ll!

So… Today it was announced that this particular rich person in power, Ben Carson, who is like, in charge of HUD (U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, aka the affordable housing program for the very poor in the United States) wants to raise the rent poor people pay on their affordable housing from 50 bucks to 150 bucks. It may not sound like a lot to your average joe who is not poor, but for people like me living on SSI, paying up $100 more for anything is a big difference that affects your low income by A LOT. Even better, old Carson wants to tack on work requirements for the poor who are not over 65 and are not disabled. Because those poor people deserve to obviously toil for the life of poverty they are trapped in already and is hard and impossible to get out of except by lottery winning luck, am I right?¬†Obviously, I am being sarcastic.¬†I mean, it’s all good to work, but working a minimum wage job at $7.25 an hour almost every day is not going to get someone out of poverty.

Why is this a problem? Well, it should be obvious. For those of us living in poverty, haven’t we suffered enough? Or aren’t we suffering enough already? For example, me being on SSI. People like me living on SSI and are disabled mentally and/or physically are not given enough to live on by Social Security. Can you live on under $1000 a month alone? Obviously, in this economy, you cannot. With everything going up and with wages stagnant, it is not just people on SSI or who are retired and live off Social Security alone who are suffering. Working people are suffering as well! Unfortunately, another not so well known fact is that SSI and regular Social Security payments for retirement have not kept up with inflation. Yup, you read that right. It has been YEARS since Social Security has been updated and it is no wonder that the people who rely on it alone are poor. It does not help that people on SSI cannot have over 2000 bucks in order to lift themselves out of poverty. It is wrong, enough said. I’m sure people who are well off financially can see why this would be a problem financially.

And for Ben Carson’s “poverty is a state of mind” comment, if you know anyone who is in poverty or are familiar with poverty, this is not the case. People who live in poverty are not poor or are a “leech” to society by choice, if at all. They live in poverty because they were born into it and were not able to get out of it or they were not fortunate enough to find a job that offers a living wage to lift themselves out of their circumstances and still cannot and in thus, live in poverty. They then have no choice but to accept help from the government for food stamps, SSI, HUD, WIC, or whatever else to get by so they can live a somewhat decent life that does not make them and their children suffer 24/7. The economy is not like the 50’s where you can just get a good paying job because you have a high school degree or walk into a business and ask for a job and you get it. And no matter how a certain someone who blabs on and on about it, coal mining jobs are disappearing and are not coming back. Ever. So you can forget that and the black lung that comes with it.

Also in the news annoucned earlier in the year, but still relevant, they mention that our president has a proposal to cut back on SNAP money. And that is by offering SNAP recipients what they call an “America’s Harvest Box” aka, The Slop Box. Ooooh, what’s going to be in this particular America’s Harvest Box you ask? Probably fresh fruits, fresh veggies, fresh meats, and fresh dairy products, you say? Well, I hate to be the THAT person, but you’d be wrong! Let’s break down what is going to be in this here box:

Shelf Stable Milk: Oh boy, dried milk! Yup, because I want to prepare dried milk every night just to get some protein instead of just buying the liquid stuff! Hooray for more work that I have to do in the kitchen! /sarcasm

Juice: Ah yes, SUGAR! YES, I will drink all of the sugar, or juice, that has had the fruit it was made out of nutrient’s and vitamins ripped out of them and put in a drinkable form! I’m sure nobody will get fat from drinking said juice from a can or in an already liquid form! /sarcasmagain

Grains: Quinoa or bust. Or maybe even brown rice. And you can bet they won’t offer this grain they are going to give us in bulk either. It will also probably be in a processed food box or boxes with artificial seasonings to go with it or in a small baggy that you can probably buy for a buck at the dollar store. In all honesty, this grain will probably be white rice. Guarantee it.

Ready-eat-cereals: Oh boy, more sugar! Also starch if the cereal is posing as something “healthy”. Because as an adult who cares about my health, this is the last crap that I would ever eat. Heck, some cereals, if not all, have vitamins sprayed onto them¬†because they lack that much nutritional value. Just no. UGGH.

Peanut Butter: You can bet it will¬†shatty¬†peanut butter like Skippy. Gotta’ keep those processed foods companies in business, dontcha’ know? Heaven forbid the peanut butter they would ever give us would be something that is not filled with sugar or just made from, y’know, just peanuts?

Canned Meat: Because nothing says health food like a can o’ meat full of salt and the bad kind of fat for your body! Maybe even some sugar mixed in to keep you addicted. Heaven forbid we would even be offered canned salmon or tuna in a can! Can’t have those poors eating something that may be good for them! /yetagainsarcasm

Poultry or Fish: Now, here is something I approve of… if it’s fresh. We would probably just receive this stuff already canned, but I’m hoping for it to be something that people could prepare in their own kitchen. But this “luxury” fresh food offered to us could be, like, the worst cuts of a chicken or fish ever. Like chicken legs or wings, or un-deboned fish. Uggggh…

Canned Fruits and Veggies: Oh boy, look! More salt and sugar in your diet than you need from each can of fruits and veggies that you and your family consumes! Heaven forbid poor people should eat fresh fruits and veggies because they deserve to! I mean, what is the world coming to?!! /sarcasm No, as a fellow poor, I do not want any canned fruits and vegetables that obviously have preservatives and excess salt and sugar in them. Frozen veggies and fruit would be a healthier bet because they are both freezed at peak freshness in this manner. But still, nothing beats fresh fruits and veggies. I would be miserable each day if I had to eat frozen or canned fruits and veggies all of the time. ūüė¶

And that’s it for this list. So… MMMMMM! Sounds appetizing, does it all not? And they want to slash SNAP money from your SNAP budget just to give¬†you this wonderful Slop Box! although, I would probably qualify for Food Stamps, I do not get them as of yet and probably¬†never will because of the work requirements or sooon-to-be work requirements that are required to have them in a lot of states. Plus, if I sign up for them, it would cut into my SSI for sure. So even though I do not have any SNAP benefits, I feel for the people who do and are going to be affected by this nonsense that the president’s budget proposal offers. What this Slop Box idea does not understand is that by giving American’s money for buying their own food instead of giving them some random food they are forced to eat or they will starve, they are giving them the¬†power to buy their own food and make their own choices. For example, some people have food allergies and if somebody getting this Slop Box is allergic to peanut butter, what are they going to do with said peanut butter? If it were me, I would obviously throw it in the garbage. Can’t eat it, so why keep it around? That goes for the other foods offered in the box as well. If people don’t like the food they get in the Slop Box, heck, they can just donate it to the food banks so someone else can eat it. Key words: if they want to. But they will have no choice if they don’t want to starve, so I guess they may eat it? My best bet is that they will probably give it away or just not take it home with them at all.

So yeah, you can see I am a little peeved about all of this. To close, I believe that no one deserves to live in poverty. NO ONE. The United States is one of the richest countries in the world, yet we cannot provide adequate help to our poorer fellow American’s, but have billions to throw at the military and corporations and their CEO’s? It’s insanity and it will always be wrong. I dream of a day when our poorest of citizens like myself will no longer have to suffer financially or in any other form and live a happy life in the “greatest country in the world”, so they say America is. Ergo, there are better countries out there, but that’s what they say, right? I just hope it happens someday. That is one of my dearest wishes.

What do you think about these latest poltical developments affecting the poor?

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