What I’ve been up to! (as of November 25, 2018)

Hey everybody! I am SO SORRY that I have been absent lately. I haven’t forgotten about the blog, I swear! I have just been feeling awful lately and I have scheduled a therapy appointment to have someone to talk to about the troubles in my life I am currently facing.

But today, I am going to tell all of you what I have been up to!

Started My Art Blog

Yup! Just started my art blog! It is called My Wandering Mind!

I have two posts on it currently and would have a few more, but like I said, I have been feeling awful lately and haven’t updated it lately… But I am hoping to keep it going! I will be posting art sketch dumps next, so please stayed tune if you would like to see them! : )

Until then, here is my first piece of artwork up on my blog! It is of Deku from the series, My Hero Academia. Hoping you guys will enjoy it. ❤

Shopped Goodwill Black Friday Sale

So I did manage to go to the Goodwil 50% Off Everything Black Friday Sale and this is my haul!

goodwill haul
The stuff that looks like a giant blob is my haul, haha… xD

I mainly bought exercise clothing for the winter since I did not have any for this time of year for about $2.50-$3.00 a pop! I’m always on the lookout for long exercise leggings as well, so I bought two pairs of them! And the rest of the stuff were wants basically, haha. : )

But I did have a lot of fun being my “natural environment” you could say. ;D

Made Green Bean Casserole

I don’t have the picture or recipe on hand, but I did make a green bean casserole for Thanksgiving! And oh my god… It was SOOOOOO tasty! ^ o^

I also went to LOCAunt’s and LOCUncle’s house for Thnaksgiving dinner and that was a lot of fun! It was fun spending time with them on Turkey Day. 🙂

Signed Up to Volunteer

So I have basically put in an application to volunteer at a local Retirement Home! Crossing my fingers that I will get accepted! It has been awhile since I have heard from them, but I am hoping everything is going okay with my application! 😀

And that’s about it…

So yeah, I have not been doing a lot lately. Just like luandry and stuff. *shrug* \ (‘ u’) / I wish my life were a bit more exciting, but it is what it is.

I am very sorry about the short blog post today! 😥 Just wanted to let everyone know that I stil care about updating the blog and haven’t forgotten about it. I’ve just been feeling too crummy to write is all and now matter how many “sunshine pills” AKA Extra Strength Vitamin D pills I take (one serving of them a day), I still feel awful. Hoping the therapy appointment will help a lot for me. ❤

What have you been up to lately?

What did I do this Weekend? (July 14-15, 2018)

Hi, everybody! Wow, last week went by fast and things were busy. I meant to put a blog post up last week about my spending in June, but I plan on doing that this week! ^ _^ LOCMom and I are still preparing for our big move and I am looking forward to it! Unfortunately, I did not save my receipts this weekend, so there will be no spending summary with today’s blog post. My bad. 😥 I gotta’ be better about that…

Anyway, come and see what I did this weekend!


On Saturday, I did a little Goodwill shopping while LOCMom visited with her friend at Barnes&Nobles. I bought a few things in there and even almost bought a pair of shoes for myself, but they were stained on the inside of them. Boooooooo. : ( They were also dirty on the soles, but that is something I could overlook since they seemed to be in decent shape. But alas, I left them there. : / It is so hard for me to find shoes for my feet in thrift stores because my feet are like, extra wide. That means I have to pay $876475759475 for a pair of shoes for my feet usually. 😥 But most recently, I got lucky at TJMAXX and managed to buy a pair of shoes that worked well for my feet! LOCMom bought me another pair that also worked for me as well, so thank you, LOCMom! 😀 I bought the shoes I found with one of my TJMAXX gift cards my LOCCousins and LOCFriendT got for me during my birthday party. So thank you to all of my LOCCousins and LOCFriendT! ^ _^

Here is a pic of my new shoes! ^ o^


I’m just praying to the Shoe Diety that my shoes will last me a long time and won’t fall apart quickly on me when I wear them… T _T

In the evening, I managed to declutter a few more items for our big move. It wasn’t much, but some stuff had to be pared down a little more. Basically, I have all of the important stuff that I will be needing for our big move. : ) I may or may not donate a manga series that I have to a local library in one of the small towns in our new county we will be living in, but we shall see. : ) I don’t really like giving manga series to thrift stores because I‘d rather libraries build up their manga shelves with my manga instead. ^ _^ That way, I will be able to share my manga series to the entire communities around our new area. I absolutely cannot wait to check out the Sacramento, CA library though and see their collection of manga books if they have any. I bet they are loaded with them! * O*

Speaking of manga, I also read a new manga last night that I had dropped for about a year because I didn’t like the conclusion to the last one I read. You could tell I was mad, haha. 😛 But I picked up the series again last night and I am happy that I did! I am pretty much near the ending of it, but I have about 7 more books to go until the end point. After reading this series, this manga collection will be heading off the nearest local library as well. 🙂

Sunday and What I Have Been Up Too!

Honestly, I did not do a lot of Sunday besides volunteer at my volunteer job WHICH I LOVE AND WILL MISS SOOOOOOO MUCH. T _T I am basically trying to volunteer as much as I can so I can say goodbye to all of the residents that I know the best at my job. They are all sad to see me go, but are wishing me well. 🙂 I may come back and visit with them sometime if I am ever in the area, but that is a big maybe. 😥 Today, I helped out with Bingo and everyone usually has fun trying to win prizes during the game. I even have my own little Bingo game I pull out during my get-togethers or parties with friends and family and I use the same format as my volunteer job’s workplace when they play Bingo with everyone there. : )

It has been really hot lately with the temperatures being over 100 degrees (that’s, I think, 37+ degrees Celsius for my blog readers outside of the United States 😉 ), so there has not been a lot of exercising going on with me. Booooooooo. : ( But I’m going to try and get out there tonight if the heat isn’t too bad… Weather permitting as well… O _O;;;

I have also been trying a new technique to reduce cellulite which is ACTUALLY suppose to work! It’s called dry brushing. It’s where you take a wooden brush with soft-ish bristles, rub your body down with it either going toward your heart or in a circular motion, and it’s suppose to reduce the look of cellulite along with other health benefits! One link I ran into on the net says you should do it twice a day, so I did. : ) I’m going to try this method out for a week and see how it goes. Wish me well!

And that is my weekend. : )

How was your weekend?