What I’ve Been Up to!(As of April 7th, 2019)

Hey, everybody! I am very sorry I have not been as active as I should have been. Lots of stuff has been going on with me, but as always, I have not have forgotten about my blog. 😥 I might just update it every other week now because of what is happening with me during my life currently. Hoping I will be feeling better soon! Thank you for everyone for being patient with me and still supporting my blog! T _T

But this post will be about what I have been up to lately! My life in general is not that exciting, but I always try to have fun when I can! 😀

I now loooooove loose leaf tea!

Yes! I have recently gotten into drinking loose leaf tea!

I recently got into tea because I need caffeine and I think coffee tastes gross. Dx But tea is something I can totally get down with!

I first started off with drinking tea in tea bags, but apparently the tea bags contain plastic in them and I got totally squicked out by that fact. x _o I know the link is about Britain not the United States, but other links have proven that this whole tea bag trend concerning bagged tea trends the same way! > _<; Plus, since switching to loose leaf tea and using my very own biodegradable tea bags I found on Amazon, I have found that loose leaf tea tastes a lot better than tea put inside plastic-ish tea bags. ^ _^

I have also recently bought some Matcha green tea from Costco and I loooove it as well! It’s always fun to have it in the morning when I wake up and get around to making it sometimes. ^ u^

A new bookshelf!

So… Someone at my apartment complex decided to dump a bookshelf by the dumpsters. For the longest time now, I have been using a bookshelf that I made out of cardboard to store my books in and I was SO SO HAPPY I came across this bookshelf since I have been wanting one for so long! So a big THANK YOU to whoever got rid of it because I happily took it and am using it now! ^ _^

It looks really great in my room I think! It is a little banged up, but nothing that a little wood glue can’t fix in the near future. 😉

Planning on Getting a New Furbaby!

So everyone, next to LOCFishy Leon, I will probably be getting a new pet soon that will be a hamster! I recently bough the glass cage for my future furbaby at a thrift store for $8.00 and I will be buying a few other supplies as well when I go to the pet store and pick up my new hamster that day! Can’t wait! ^ u^

Found a laptop in the dumpster… but it was broken. Boooooooo… :C

So recently around my apartment complex, I found a newer laptop model in the dumpster and I was wondering why such a new computer was in the dumpster. O _O; So I grabbed and took it home! I then looked for the model number on the laptop and ordered a charger for it on Amazon just to see if this computer was still in working order or not. But alas, it seems that someone had thrown it in the garbage for a reason because when I turned the laptop on, it seems that the previous owner had dropped it and the screen was incredibly damaged and in complete disrepair. 😦

But hey, as someone living on SSI and wanting a computer for travel, you can’t blame for me for trying right? D; So I am going to be returning the charger which was around 19 bucks to Amazon and be getting most of my money back after the return fee. Hey, I tried! > _<;

Expanding Taste in Sparkling Water

So this topic is kind of unsignificant, but I’m just going to mention it to take up some blog post space, haha. xD

Lately, I have been becoming a fan of Bubly Sparkling Water! es, I know the Pepsi company makes it, and I do hate all things soda, but I do love their sparkling water though, so I’m makin an exception this time around. 8D At first, I didn’t like their sparkling water at first, but because of my aunt letting me try their cherry flavor sparkling water, I really do like the brand now! I’m looking forward to trying more of the brand’s flavors in the near future a lot! ^ u^

These drinks, or my “sodas” I like to lovingly call them because they are carbonated,  I really enjoy drinking them cold! Best of all, they have zeroed out sugar and the drink is just carbonated water! Also, the drinks only having 2 ingredients which make up the “soda” also gets two thumbs up from me! 8D


So yes! That is what I have been up to so far! Like I said at the beginning of the post, I may just start updating my blog every other week now because of some personal issues going with my life at the moment. So please be patient with me everybody as I try to work things out and work on myself as well! > _<;

Have an awesome day everyone!^ o^

What have you been up to lately?

What I Did This Weekend + My Dumpster Haul! + Konmari Styled Linen Closet (January 26-28, 2019)

Hey, everybody! It’s been so looooooong since I have done a Weekend Update/What I have been up to post, so I am going to be getting back into it today! Come and see what I did this weekend!


On Saturday, LOCMom and I went to visit LOCAuntS! She was doing pretty good and I even gave her a Kirkland brand applesauce pouch to try which she seemed to like! I’m just hoping she finished all of it eventually because I don’t think she was hungry enough to finish the entire pouch, haha. ^ _^; I also told her I would bring her some Macha green tea next time I came over to see her! The cool thing about Macha green tea is that it actually turns your tea water green in your cup instead of that ugly yellow color that most American green tea brands do to one’s tea water. x _o Plus, it tastes better! ;D

After visiting LOCAuntS, I went thrfting and LOCMom bought me a children’s piano (with IOU money, of course ^ _^; )! I’ve been craving to pluck at piano keys for a while now and maybe even learn how to play the piano someday, but after looking up on the internet of how learning the piano is reeeeeally, difficult, I’m just going to put that dream in a drawer for now, haha… O _X;;;

Also, I have an update on LOCFishy Leon. A few days ago, I put Leon in a smaller tank and after a few days, I realized it was killing him. :C So I put him back in his regular 2 gallon tank and he is happier again. At least I am hoping so. The reason why I put him a smaller tank (1 gallon bowl) was because I though with having less water in the tank, he would not be as cold in it. Well… After reading on the internet, 1 gallon tanks really suck for any fish and they are NOT recommended at all. I learned that the hard way. :’C Hoping Leon will be okay now, but since he is nearing 3 years of age, he may pass away in the near future. Not looking forward to it. 😥

I also had a wonderful dinner on Saturday! Macha green tea and two clementines, or two Cuties! It was delish, haha. * o*


After dinner, I hung up my laundry I did a few days ago and that is always a chore, haha. @ _@;;;

And on Sunday, I believe I went to Costco and that is always fun. 🙂 I also got to catch up with many an LOC family member on Sunday and it was great talking to everyone again! ^ _^

Dumpster Hauls!

I still can’t believe what people throw out. It’s crazy! 😡 The two craziest items I have found most recently in our apartment complex’s dumpsters or by them was an expensive racing bike (donated it to Goodwill) and most MOST recently, somebody’s FREAKIN’ PASSPORT. I mean, guys… You don’t put your expired passport into a dumpster, more less ON TOP of said dumpster full of trash with your information clear as day on it, and call it good! I’m so happy I spotted it when I did because it was a child’s passport. Bad parenting 101, anybody? – _____-

So I did what any good citizen/person (or parent) would do with an expired passport, or a parent’s child’s passport. I got one of my king-sized Sharpies that I use to block out addresses on my Amazon packages I get and scribbled out all of this young person’s personal information in their passport including the stamps they received when going to other countries. I then gave the passport to our apartment’s office which the staff members there said they would put it in their confidential paper file box to be destroyed appropriately.

There… BAD PARENTING FLAW FIXED. 😡 Uggghh… So yeah, that is my fun dumpster story of the week, haha. 😛

Now to my hauls!

Check em’ all out! 😀

haul 1
Random stuff found in a dumpster. Nothing wrong with any of it… > _> Lunchbox was unzipped so the inside of it could be featured. ^ _^
haul 2
Clothing steamer! Tried it and it works like a dream!
Working label maker! All it needed was new batteries! 😀
haul 3
Outdoor sprays/cleaning/house supplies. Btw, that toilet brush was never use/still had its tag on it. 😉
haul 4
Close-up of my new headlamp! All it needed was new batteries and it worked great!

Yup, I scored! ^ o^ I’m keeping half of the electronics I found though and I will be donating the label maker to my new place where I will be volunteering at soon! I kept a few of the cleaning/house supplies that I found and put the rest I did not want outside of the dumpster in a box so other people could take them if they wanted them. 🙂 I kept the Clorox cleaning wipes and the trash bags though! Those things will definitely will come in handy around the house! ^ _^ The new headlamp I found will work great in emergency situations as well! 😀

Konmari Styled Linen Closet!

So, I’m not sure if I mentioned this yet, but in the past I have wanted to be a Professional Organizer. You know, like Marie Kondo but without the Shintoism in her decluttering methods. 🙂 But they didn’t really work out due to my life situation, so I had to give up that dream up and just declutter stuff by myself in my own living spaces.

And when I declutter stuff, I do a DAMN good job if I do say so myself! 😉 Marie Kondo also helped me make my life easier with her folding techniques she uses on clothing and other cloth-like items! Thank you, Marie! ^ u^ Because of her folding techniques, I am able to give myself more space inside of my drawers and cabinets so more things can get put into them maybe in the near future!

Anyway, without further ado, check out the decluttered linen closet! 8D


I do not joke when I say I wanted to be a Professional Organizer in the past, haha. 😉 Of course, this entire linen closet is not completely KonMari’d concerning the contents in it. Sometimes I have to use my own folding methods to get things to fit smaller into the closet with some KonMari-ish inspired folding techniques. B) Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the whole picture of linen closet in one shot because it is so long. 😥 But hey, I hope everyone likes seeing my hard work anyway! ^ o^

So yup, that is basically everything I have been up to. ^ _^ Hoping everyone has a wonderful week!

What have you been up to?

Hey everybody! Here is what I have been up to!

Hi, everybody! I am very sorry for things being so quiet around here! I am still alive! > _<; I have just been feeling bad again and it just affects me emotionally, but I have not forgotten about the blog for even a second!

Today’s post will be a catch-up post! Come and see what I have been up to! 😀

Mailing Packages

So I mailed out a few packages this month! I mailed out 3 packages to a friend and to an avatar website company that accepts fanmail! The packages were basically early Valentine’s Day presents since I find the good quality candy I bought this month for early Valentine’s Day presents sells out quickly in February… O _O;;;

And before anyone asks, what I meant by good quality candy was that I bought See’s Candy and Russel Stovers candy. ^ _^ The See’s Candy was $11 in total and the Russel Stover king sized chocolate heart I purchased was $1.00 at Dollar Tree. Score! Shipping all of the candy though put my total up to around $20.00, but that is okay. ^ _^ This just means I won’t have to ship candy out next month!

I will be sending Valentine’s Day cards out in February though and I just have to worry about buying Valentine’s Day themed stamps during that time though, but I have some great ones in mind! I always like to send out Valentine’s Day cards for Valentine’s Day because I hate to see people get left out during that holiday… T _T

Ripping CDs

YAAAAAASS. So, I bought a bunch of CDs from Goodwill to rip to my iPhone. It’s all music I pretty much love to listen to and for each CD being around 2 bucks a pop for about 10-12 songs on each CD, I say that is a screamin’ deal! Better than paying $1.29 for each song on iTunes… > ___> I’m also keeping my CDs I bought around in a CD binder I also got from Goodwill because I want to keep them around just in case I ever have to rip all of them again… Like, if I ever got an Android phone or something like that and couldn’t use iTunes on it. That probably won’t happen in the near future, but you never know!

But I will definitely be keeping my old CDs around until CDs are phased out completely. I’m not sure when that will be, but it is a well-known fact that hardly anyone is buying them anymore though. Dx;;;

Something Creepy on my Bathroom Mirror

So after a trip to Goodwill two days ago, last night, pardon my French, something CREEPY AS SHAT appeared on my bathroom mirror! What appeared on my bathroom mirror were two hands at the center top side of the mirror.

Now everyone, I have not touched the mirror in that spot recently nor has LOCMom. And when I saw two handprints left on the bathroom mirror like that, I immediately freaked.

I could do a whole blog post about this, but in my lifetime as a thrifter, there have been times where I have brought home possessed objects from a thrift store. It all starts out the same: I buy the items from the thrift store, get a certain item I bought home, and on or after the day of I acquire the item, WEIRD SHIT starts happening around the house. Or atleast only to me. You could say you can chalk my thinking weird things are happening to me because of my mental illness, but I somehow know the difference when it comes to the fake things I see and real things I see. Medication helps a lot for me to distinguish the difference as well. 🙂

And the weird crap that happened to happen around my apartment just happened to be creepy handprints on the mirror. Now after freaking out, I went over my Goodwill receipt to see if anything I bought would send up any red flags and it turns out one item put up a red flag for me: a piece of jewelry. I thought it was so cute in the thrift store and wanted to bring it home to wear, but according to this webpage (my go-to webpage concerning haunted objects), jewelry is in the top bracket for being haunted. It even gives me the creeps just talking about it because this whole experience is still pretty raw for me. 😥

So I did what I do to all possessed objects I acquire from the a thrift store: I throw them in the garbage where they go to the dump where they will be buried in the ground never to haunt anyone ever again. This strategy works out well for me most of the time thank god. I sometimes think of thrift stores as hay stacks. Most of the time items in thrift stores are just “hay”, but then you find a “needle” very rarely and when you bring that needle home with you, then ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE in your house. It’s awful. 😦

So the moral of the story guys… If you think you have an item in your home that is possessed by a ghost/spirit, when in doubt, don’t ever donate it, THROW IT OUT. You don’t want that haunted object to haunt someone else’s home who acquires it from a thrift store, do you? I know I wouldn’t… xC

What I did today

So after my traumatic Saturday night, I ended up staying up until 6:00AM due to stress, but I eventually went to sleep and got up in the middle of the afternoon. But I went out and got some errands done!

LOCMom and I went to Raleys, or the Richpants Grocery Store, and LOCMom bought me some Walkers butter cookies! Guys… I love these cookies so much! They only have four ingredients in them and they are basically REAL FOOD which is a win in my book!

After the Richpants Grocery Store, I went to our local Asian market, 99 Ranch Market, to buy some of my Teriyaki sauce. Other than Sprouts and this particular Asian Market, I can never find it anywhere else in town. Boooooooo… T ___T But after going to Asian Grocery Store today, I thought to myself I should learn a few words and phrases in Mandarin because boy was it crowded in there today! O _O The staff and many of the people who shop there are Chinese and do not speak English, so when I go there next time, I should learn a little Mandarin to help me get around better and speak to others if I need to go around them and prepare for such situations like that. I even practiced a little bit of Mandarin tonight with some common words and phrases that will help me out so I will be totally prepared next time! 😀

Chinese New Year is coming up in a couple of weeks, so that may have been why the store was so crowded… ^ _^;

I also went to Dollar Tree next to the Asian Grocery Store and bought some GooGone in there! I really love Googone because it helps get sticky residue off of items that you can’t really get off with a sponge… > _<;;;

After going to Dollar, I went home and relaxed! ^ _^

So that is pretty much what I have been up to and did today! Not much goes on with me these days besides shopping and what-not. ^ _^;

Hoping everyone has been well and thank you for being patient with me!

What has everyone been up to? 🙂